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There's definitely more than one way to end an unwanted pregnancy, especially when it very early in pregnancy. The earlier the pregnancy is the better the chances some methods have of working. First there's the standard clinical abortion(s), there are several types available and which one is used depends on how far along the pregnancy is and to a lesser extent the clinic offering services. For more information on ending pregnancies in the first trimester please visit these websites, also please keep in mind Abortion Pill options are available up to the 7th week of pregnancy (9 weeks LMP), so the earlier it is the more options you have available.

One other thing that I want to mention up front to help avoid confusion when dealing with the medical establishment. Doctors, nurses, clinics etc, will count the weeks of pregnancy based on when your last menstrual period started. This is referred to as LMP. So when a Dr tells you how many weeks pregnant you are, it will be based on this. On this website, I start counting the weeks of pregnancy from when conception occurs, so there will be a two week difference in most cases. Doctors of course assume that every woman has the text book 28 day cycle. Of course, we know differently, every woman's cycle is unique to her and those who chart their own cycles will know what is normal for them, which may or may not fall into the textbook 28 day cycle.

Available Options:

  • Planned Parenthood - First Trimester Options
  • Feminist Women's Health Centers - Abortion Information
  • Some Doctors offer services right in their own office, such as the Aspiration which is pretty much the same as a Menstrual Extraction, except that they use an instrument to open the cervix, where menstrual extraction does not. Here's a clinic in NYC that offers Aspiration. Early Options
  • A list of Clinics that offer Methotrexate & Mifepristone
  • A list of Clinics that offer Ru-486

    There's lots of info out there on these so its not anything I'll get into here, the options I'd like to share are not commonly known but are occasionally given brief mention here or there, most often with no substantial information.

    The first, is using certain herbs to induce miscarriage, also called herbal abortion. It is not a sure way to terminate pregnancy, and seems to work about 40-45% of the time, IF herbs are started early enough. If herbal abortion is attempted and is not successful it is very important to follow up with a clinical abortion, as the herbs can cause birth defects and or complications during pregnancy. Herbs are most commonly used during the time period when an embryo is developing the foundations for all of the major body systems, organs in particular. This occurs from developmental weeks 4 through 8, which is the time that herbs are used. This is why, it is so important to follow up with a clinical abortion if the herbs don't work. The risk of causing damage is very real. Just because this is something you can do at home, doesn't make it safe or without risk. There can be negative effects to you, or to any pregnancy carried to term. Just like they say, just because its natural doesn't make it safe.

    If you choose to utilize the knowledge contained within this website to try and end a pregnancy at home, please use this knowledge wisely and responsibly. I strongly believe that the choice whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term should be a woman's choice, I also think the man should be involved if it is appropriate. However ultimately, it is the women who raise the children. In ancient times, children belonged to the woman and her clan, not to the man. Its not until the patriarchy took over, that monogamous relationships became enforced, ownership of the woman and the child implemented. Ownership? you might ask? think about these things... we take the husband's name when we marry as do the children, for how many years have women been introducing themselves as Mrs. (insert husband's name here) - its only more recently has this changed as women reclaim some of their power. If you think on it, you'll see more ways that we are conditioned and controlled. Now before I go off on a totally different subject, back to the matters at hand....

    The second little known option is called Menstrual Extraction, unfortunately it is not a very available option, and for most women, finding someone to help you, is very remote. Menstrual Extraction and the device that is used was developed in the early 70's by Carol Downer and Lorraine Rothman just before abortion was legalized with the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade in 1973. It has multiple purposes, not only can it physically remove a fertilized egg, menstrual extraction can remove an inconveniently timed period, due to start right before a romantic weekend. I think it would be great if more midwives, naturopaths or inspired women took it upon themselves to learn how to do this and make it more available. However, the technique is likely to fall into the realm of practicing medicine without a license as it could be construed as an invasive procedure. It is difficult although not impossible to preform upon yourself, personally, I would suggest having the help of someone who knows what they are doing.

    Both of these alternative options must be used before the 8th week of pregnancy (starting from conception - 10 weeks from the Last Menstrual Period (LMP)). With the herbs, best chances of success are when herbs are started when menstruation is due until menstruation is two weeks late (4 weeks pregnant). The later menstruation becomes the less likely there herbs are to work, there is still always a chance, and if a clinical abortion is planned anyway, it might be worth a try. However herbal attempts to terminate pregnancy should not continue into the 8th week because of increased risks of serious complications, so herbs should be started no later than the 6th week from conception.

    Realistically, once the 5th and 6th week of pregnancy arrives, herbs are not likely to work, and if a surgical abortion is to be avoided, the next best alternative would be chemical abortion, the 5th thru 7th week of pregnancy is the ideal time for this option to be used (7 to 9 weeks LMP). Some herbalists think that the next best time to try and force a miscarriage is the 6th week of pregnancy, because this is the week you would normally bleed if you had not conceived the previous cycle.

    So the trick is catching it early, knowing your cycle is the key. If you know the day(s) your period is due, you will know if its late. The best time to dislodge the fertilized egg is before or around the time your period is due.

    If you know there is a strong possibility you are pregnant, before your period, like a broken condom during the fertile time. There are things you can do to prevent the egg from implanting. If you are not sure if you are fertile, please refer to Determining your Risk of Pregnancy. Things like emergency contraception need to be used as soon as possible.

    The Value of getting a Pregnancy Test done.

    If your period is late and you suspect pregnancy. The first thing to do is to find out if conception did occur. By the time your period is late, an early detection pregnancy test will come out positive, if it is negative you can spare your body from the added stress of worry, and from ingesting strong herbs. Some pregnancy tests are so sensitive these days they can give you a positive reading a couple days before menstruation is due. This is a list of pregnancy test brand names, which ones are the best and which ones to avoid, it is a bit dated, you may find more current lists elsewhere.

    Unsafe sex coupled with a late period can be nerve-wracking. Excess worry can also delay menstruation. Taking an early detection pregnancy test can take away the anxiety caused by "What if?" You'll know one way or the other. Though some women would rater not know. Personally, I think it is more responsible to take a pregnancy test, because, if you are not pregnant, you should not be taking doses of herbs meant for dealing with unwanted pregnancy. You certainly won't be doing yourself any favors. No point in over-medicating if pregnancy is not the reason for menstrual delay, and there are many reasons why menstruation can be late besides pregnancy.

    It really doesn't matter if your cycle is always clockwork, every cycle is different, and even if historically your cycle is like clockwork, this is a new cycle and it might be different this time. Your body has more control over ovulation than You do.... and if there were factors in your life around the time of ovulation that caused your body to postphone ovulation then your period is going to be late. Unless you are one of the few who can actually feel ovulation occurring, or you chart your basal body temperature, how can you be positive that you did indeed ovulate when you expected to? This is why I encourage the use of early detection tests - not to mention that if you choose to fill out my questionnaire, a confirmed pregnancy gives that much more credence to the effectiveness of herbally induced miscarriages and builds to the scientific body of data that I am collecting.

    Clinics such as Planned Parenthood offer early detection tests. You can sometimes get them done for free or cheaper than buying a home pregnancy test. Although a home pregnancy test will give more privacy. These days there are pregnancy tests which can give you an accurate answer 10 days after ovulation, which means before menstruation is due.

    At a clinic if the test comes back positive, a counselor may want to talk with you about what your feelings are and what you want to do, so if you are considering terminating the pregnancy you may want to choose a clinic that is pro-choice. The people at the clinics will probably know very little about herbs, or about menstrual extractions. They will probably tell you such methods are very dangerous and recommend you get a clinical abortion. They are right, these things can be dangerous, if you don't know what you are doing, if you take more than you should, or take something not meant for internal consumption. Which is why I believe education is the key. Learn as much as possible about these things, know the risks, what can go wrong, and what to expect - know what is involved BEFORE starting!! Other women have shared their experiences in the Sharing our Wisdom section of the website, it can be helpful to read these too, however be sure to read through the main Preventing and Ending Pregnancy page first so that you get all the important info and details first, there's a lot of info in the sharing our wisdom section too, but just because someone did this or that, doesn't mean they did it the best way they could have, or what they did will be right for you. So don't focus your reading in the sharing section, instead focus on the details here in the main section.

    Commitment is Important when Ending Pregnancy at Home.

    It is also very important to be committed to ending the pregnancy - if you have any doubts that you can go through with a clinical abortion - then DON'T use the herbs (or vitamin c) to try and end the pregnancy. These home remedies are NOT a reliable way to terminate pregnancy. Sometimes clinics offer payment plans, or some times you can get funding, your local clinic should know what is available in your area or state. There may also be doctors who do the Aspiration Procedure, this is a non-surgical type of abortion, its basically the same as menstrual extraction. If you can't get funding for an abortion, there is always adoption, or government agencies will often provide assistance to low income women while pregnant and when the baby is born.

    Methods of expelling a fertilized egg from the uterus require knowledge and dedication. Ending pregnancy is not easy or instant. Bleeding rarely begins before the 6th day of self-treatment. Herbal abortifacients must be used with caution, everyone's tolerance for the herbs is a little different. I will include some herbs and how they have been used. Herbs are most effective before your period is due. The more time the egg has to take root the harder it becomes to dislodge it. Herbal abortion becomes dangerous at 8 weeks of pregnancy (from conception) herbs should never be started past the 6th week of pregnancy for this reason.

    The decision to end a pregnancy is all encompassing, on many different levels, spiritual, emotional as well as physical. You must be certain that this is the right choice. Herbs do not work for everyone. If it doesn't work it is very important to follow up with a clinical abortion, medical abortion or menstrual extraction (if you can find someone to help you). You must be completely focused, and clear with your intent. Taking the time to nurture yourself through the process. I would suggest reading Self- Ritual for Invoking Release of Spirit Life in the Womb and Abortion, Vacuum Cleaners & the Power Within which will give you an idea of the amount of energy goes into successfully terminating a pregnancy with herbs.

    You will need to drink teas, take tinctures or capsules at intervals throughout the day and night. The idea is to keep a constant level of herbs circulating through the body, not to poison oneself. It is important to follow a schedule. Best results are obtained by those who can take the time to focus on the goal. Seriously consider taking time off work or school to really focus on releasing the spirit, nurture yourself through this process. It is very difficult to take your teas in a timely fashion when you are traveling or have a busy schedule. It's not easy, nor should it be. You are more likely to be successful if you give yourself that time. Please use this time to tune into your body, and use this experience as a learning experience and learn how to avoid this situation in the future. (this site contains info on how to avoid pregnancy, definitely worth reviewing) and it may be time to adjust and improve your current method of contraception.

    Once the decision is made, there is no going back, make sure its the right decision for you, if you have any doubts, or reservations, these visualizations may help you become more clear on what path is right for you. If the herbs don't work you MUST switch to plan B. Allowing a pregnancy to continue to term (giving birth) is not a good idea after taking these strong herbs. Problems could arise, such as complications during pregnancy, or possible birth defects. Your safety and the safety of the developing embryo is not guaranteed. The effects are really unknown, if you cannot or will not terminate the pregnancy, or if there is any chance you may change your mind, please do not use the herbs or vitamin C to try and end the pregnancy. Its not fair to experiment on a child you will ultimately give birth to, not to them or yourself. Be committed to ending the pregnancy if you use the remedies found here within these pages.

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