A Personal Story

Submitted: Feb 19, 2000

Shared By: Amy
Age: 25
Weight: 180-190 lbs.
Pregnancy Test: One, Negative Result
Success: No (pill didnot permit bleeding)
Skipped period, on the pill, was not pregnant, and should not have used the herbs and the pill at the same time.

Note: For those of you on the pill, and are concerned about pregnancy, herbs will not start bleeding if you are still taking the pill.
For those of you in a similar situation to Amy's, my suggestion would be not to take any herbs unless you have a positive pregnancy test. If the test is positive, then discontinue the pill, then deside what to do next.

I am going to free write because my story is long and involved. I feel that all information is important due to the outcome of my situation. After reading this you may feel that I am a nut but I assure you that normally I am a rational human being. I have been on the pill for three and a half years and until January of this year had never ever missed my period. Not even when switching from pill to pill. I had just finished the second pack of Alesse 28 and was anticipating my period.
*Note: I was also extremely stressed from work. I had not been working out as regularly as I normally do. And the biggest thing I knew my boyfriend was proposing to me on my birthday.

I finished my pack as normal that Sunday. I normally start menstruating on the Wednesday of that week. Wednesday came and passed and still no sign of my period. Thursday, Friday, Saturday... (He proposed on Saturday)

Needless to say I was a basketcase. I took a pregnancy test (Shoprite Brand) and it came out negative. Still I have never missed a period in my life so I was not convinced. I called my doctor and she said to take my next pack and to relax.

I couldn't relax so immediately I got on the net to research anything dealing with pregnancy. I knew that my future husband is against abortion but I even researched that just in case. Anyway, while searching I stumble upon your sight. I was excited to find out that I could terminate pregnancy without actually getting an "abortion", the type you get in a clinic. I read your information over and over and over. I read about each abortifacient and emmenagogue herbs. I even read all the testimonials. I decided that even though I had a negative test I was going to attempt an herbal abortion. This is where you may think I am crazy.

My regimen: 1000 mg of Vitamin C every other hour for 3 days.( horrible diarrhea)
Nothing happened so I decided to try adding inserts of evening primrose and ingesting large amounts of Dong Quai.
I would say by the end of my second week I was taking 2000 mg of C and 1500 mg of Dong Quai every couple of hours-even through the night.

My body was obviously out of whack!!!!! I was nauseous all the time along with having diarrhea constantly. I felt sick as hell. I immediately thought all of the nausea was from the "pregnancy". I couldn't get rid of this cold and I felt tired and run down. The stress level in my body was at an all time high.

Well needless to say I was never pregnant. The next month my period came right on schedule. I called my doctor and she said that what happened to me is normal when starting a new pill. I want to share my experience with people because who knows what I did to my body. I know that I had been ingesting toxic amounts of herbs which is what caused all my ailments. I think that people who attempt herbal abortion should definitely know
1) if they truly are pregnant
2) how to properly ingest or insert herbs
3) with out a doubt try to find a midwife or herbalist so that they are thoroughly informed.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.

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