A Personal Story

Submitted: March 24, 1999
Shared By: Annie
Success: Yes
Pregnancy Test: Yes
Result: Positive
Weight: 145 lbs


My period was due on 28 February 1999, which is recently. By 5th March 1999, I still did not bleed and my breast started swelling. I was so scared at the thought of a clinical abortion, so I took lots and lots of pineapple but to no avail.

Furthermore abortion is illegal and scorn upon in my country. I have to search high and low for a doctor who's willing to perform abortion and getting rejected by many in the course of searching for one.

Finally on 8 March 1999, I got one gynecologist who's willing to do it but at such a high price. I was scared of the unknown but made an appointment anyway (the next week) as I tested faintly positive so I was asked to come again the week after. I was curious to know how the abortion is to be done on me so I browse in the Internet and I found you.

I am so glad that I learned so much within that moment and felt slightly relieved and comforted by the amount of info I got. I was unfamiliar with the rest of the herbs suggested except for ascorbic acid, parsley and Dong Quai.

As I live in a Chinese community, I was able to get the Dong Quai root and boil for two days in a row. it tasted yucky , I had to look for the dry herbal capsule at the local pharmacy. On 13 and 14 March I drank the boiled mixture once on both days. On 15 March I started taking dry capsules 2 every 4 hours. My throat felt so dry during the course. I was also telling my self loudly at night that I am not ready for the baby and hope it will understand ( I was trying the spiritual method too)

I was supposed to see the gynecologist for my appointment on Wednesday, 17 March 1999 but I decided to wait until the weekend. On the Friday, 19 March 1999 before I went to sleep I began to spot. I still continued taking Dong Quai until I began to bleed. The next morning I began to have heavy cramps so I stop the Dong Quai. until today, 24 March 1999 I 'm still bleeding but its getting lighter.

You cannot imagine the relief I felt on that Friday night. not only you save me financially, you also save me from the agony and misery that I have to go through if I were to go for the clinical abortion in the community, religion and culture that I live in now. I am so thankful especially for "the sharing the wisdom" page which actually gave me the confidence to try the herbs. I wrote this to you with the hope that I will be able to help others as you have helped me.

I will relate what I've learn from you to my friends who might be in trouble too.

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