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Submitted Sept 7, 1998

Shared By: Autumn
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I am 22 years old and married, no children. My marriage is rapidly failing and I have been contemplating leaving in the near future. The first thing my best friend said, was "don't get pregnant, whatever you do." I shared similar feelings toward that too. The last thing I needed was to be pregnant, but sure enough, nearing the end of August... I started feeling a bit odd, breast tenderness, and I thought, "oh, no."

My cycle is anything but regular, but when I was around a week late I knew I had to do some-thing, at least find out my options. Exactly a week ago, I found your site here on the net. A literal blessing and fountain of info. Reading all I could and researching carefully. I live in a very close knit family that is very much opposed to abortion and there was no way I could share my concerns or what I was going through with anyone.

I finally decided to try the ascorbic acid and parsley. I did this for 3 days with little results other than some cramping, so I decided to try angelica (dong quai) not even 10 hours after taking the dong quai, (dry herbal capsules, 2 every 4 hrs.) I began to spot. I continued taking ascorbic acid and using parsley inserts along with the dong quai, and by midnight I had started getting severe cramps and a few hours later passing small bits of blood and tissue, and bleeding freely. I carefully monitored my bleeding to be aware, knowing I could be at risk for hemmorraging, also, to see if my suspicion was correct about being pregnant, and sure enough, I had been I passed a couple 2 inch pieces of very fibrous tissue, full of the chronic villi. I maintained taking the dong quai in lesser doses and am now finishing up like a normal period and no hemmorraging thankfully. I cannot thank you enough for having this information available, and am well on my way recovering. This has overall been an enlightening, good experience. and according to my calender, I had conceived around the 14 of August, I started treatment on the 1 of Sept. Just for your information.

    Note: After bleeding is established I think it would be better to discontinue with the dong quai, because it has a tendency to increase bleeding, and increases the risk for hemmorrage. Once bleeding is established, it is no longer necessary to continue with the herbs, nature will take its course, and the body will follow through.

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