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Submitted: Jan 6, 2000

Shared By: Bailey
Success: No
Pregnancy Test: Yes. Positive.
Weight: 165 lbs

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? 11/19/99
Do you know the date of fertilizing intercourse? What was it? Nope.
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? 12/16/99
When were the herbs started? 12/14/99

Please include a summary of dosage information.
Started with:
Ginger and Parsley Tea 4 times Daily.
1000 mgs Ascorbic Acid C every 2 hours
1000 mgs Dong Quai tablets every 2 hours
1000 mgs of Oil of Evening Primrose every 2 hours

After Day 5 I added 1000 mgs of Blue Cohosh every 4 hours, cut back the Dong Quai - alternating it with the Blue Cohosh, and left the parsley out of the tea.

After day 8 I added 20 drop tea Black Cohosh (from tinctures), stopped taking Dong Quai tablets, in favor of a tea tincture, stopped taking C.

After Day 9 I started adding Tansy (prepared from the herb flower and stem) to my tincture teas several times a day, as well as continuing the other items.

Did you have a pregnancy test? What was the result? and when was it taken?
HPT #1 on Day 26 of my cycle showed a true negative, while HPT #2 showed a VERY FAINT positive, it was taken 10 minutes later. Blood test done in the clinic on 1.5.00 (yesterday) showed positive.

Is there anything you would have done differently? I would have asked for help, although I still do not know who from. I feel like I would have been able to concentrate more if I had had someone with me pulling for me, reminding me, and helping me make all these concoctions. Trying to make the mix, and make myself drink it, when nauseous and tired was the hardest part. While my boyfriend was helpful and understanding, I probably should have let him into the situation more.


During my cycle I started to notice that my uterus seemed higher, and a bit more stiff. After a pregnancy with multiples about a year ago, I had a feeling about this could mean. As I got closer to my period, I noticed other symptoms like having to urinate often.

So I took the HPT's, one +, and one -. At that point I started researching abortion. Having always believed that a sprit never truly is utterly destroyed, just moved, I have always been pro choice. There was a time when abortion was not a personal option for my body, but that was when I believed that social systems, society, and my friends would support me through anything, even single motherhood. And that under that tenet I would be able to give my child a good life.

My first pregnancy was wrought with indecision, and guilt, and stress as I found out that this is not true. And this point I am very certain that do not want a child, and can not stretch my mind and body, and change my life to suit the birth of one, under any circumstances. Also, due to the outcome of my last pregnancy, and my thyroid condition it is personal (gut feeling) belief that I can not conceive a healthy pregnancy unplanned. My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 4 months gestation, that required a D&C, the horror of the pain still being very vivid, I started researching RU-486.

When I found your site I was so relived, having lived pretty healthy by means of holistic medicinals, and having been screwed by Dr's and Chemicals, I think this information is great. I think Planned Parenthood, and Dr's should use this information, and guide patients through this voyage.

I followed the herbal regime I listed above. I had occasional cramps (still am) throughout. On day 9 of treatment I had a severe bout of them, and got a drop of blood from my cervix upon examination. All along I felt signs of toxicity, and change my dosages slightly, this would only help for a short period of time. My body has always been one to build up a tolerance quickly, I feel possibly due too an overmedicated childhood disease.

I also meditated twice daily, speaking with the sprit child, and on the same day as the signifgant cramps held a ritual on my altar for "her". On that day I felt very close to her, she seems resistant, and I apologized and explained, and begged her not to make me force her out by strange hands.

After 12 days of treatment, with morning (all day!) sickness settling in I could not take anymore. I set an appointment for an abortion for the 8th of Jan, I am still in the window for a vacuum, and very relieved to know it is (almost) over.

I had to do a bit of financial juggling, I was hoping the MediCal would be more helpful, I unfortunately make $46 dollars a month too much to qualify. Lucky for me, I have an understanding, and well paid boyfriend! I think that this is as empowering as birth, which is contrary to the generic American opinion I have every right to choose, with full knowledge when, and with whom I will have a child. And this action, and decision are not borne out of a lack of love for myself, my partner or the life we created. Rather the opposite, I choose this because I love myself, and my partner and our life together, and the path we have chosen. Now is not the time to deviate from that path.

I also choose to continue my studies of the female fertility cycle to two ends, to know myself better, and prevent further incidents like this, and so that if a sister is ever in need, I can point her to the right books, and hold her hand in her time of decision, and action. Above all this has reiterated my favorite life lesson: Fear is not a reason to not do something, or to do something, but rather a reason to do that something RIGHT.

Thank you for sharing this information with us all, I hope others have more luck.

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