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submitted June 1998

Shared By: Beth
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After an experience with birth control failure I had a surgical abortion two years ago, when I was 19. The abortion itself was a very uncomfortable experience both physically and mentally, and one that I knew I didn't want to experience again.

I had been using the pill for several years before that pregnancy, and was not happy with the toxic way it made me feel, let alone the fact that it had failed me. I knew that I had to find another way to be in control.

It was then that I began keeping close track of my cycle. I charted the number of days, began paying close attention to the thickness and elasticity of my vaginal fluids, and noted the degree of resistance and texture of my cervix. After a few months I was able to determine predictably my fertile times.

However, due to life stress my cycle had been disrupted and due to morning sickness-like symptoms I felt I may be pregnant. I was still two or three days before I was due for my period. I checked my cervix for signs of softening (generally the cervix feels similar in firmness to the tip of your nose, but in pregnancy takes on a softer, velvety feel with a hardness underneath.) My cervix was in deed quite softer than it should be, and I knew I was in fact pregnant.

I decided to treat myself herbally or at least as naturally as possible. As a backup I made an appointment for a surgical abortion, and I began treating myself with some of the basic emennogogues that I had on hand. I began treating myself with Vitamin C the day that my period should have been due. I took 500mg once an hour every hour throughout the day and night. I experienced no noticeable side effects.

I also used fresh ginger root, which I ground with a grater and steeped in hot water. I strained this and drank it as tea several times a day. The only side effect of the ginger was a general feeling of warmness in my skin and almost a hot flash of perspiration.

I continued these treatments for a week when I began to feel some change. I used visualization to imagine the lining of my uterus being cleared and swept out of my body. I called up the memory of the feelings of my ovaries and uterine contractions that usually come the day of my period. And on the 8th day after my period should have come I began feeling them respond to this thought. I happened to be in a car near the end of a 6 hour drive (and I wonder if the vibration of driving may have encouraged the process) when I felt my uterus begin contracting. My period began shortly afterward. Within an hour of noticing some blood and fluid the general nausea disappeared. I confirmed with a test a few days later and was joyous to cancel my abortion appointment.

Looking back, I feel that being very aware of my body and detecting my pregnancy very early was extremely helpful in my success with natural abortion. My experience was very peaceful and personal, quite unlike the emotions of a surgical procedure. Thank you for allowing me to share with you, and I hope that my story can be of help to others who seek a safe, comfortable, personal experience. Beth

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