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Submitted January 28, 1999

Shared By: Bethany
Personally empowering - incredibly so!
Success: yes
Pregnancy test - no
weight - 125

What an incredible service you are giving for women everywhere. Thank you so much for your dedication to providing information on such an empowering process.

My last period had started December 13, 1998. I had unprotected sex on December 29, and was experiencing symptoms of pregnancy within 7 days (nausea, breast tenderness, mild cramping sensations). By January 15, I was positive I was pregnant, as the symptoms progressed, and as I have an incredibly regular cycle.

I immediately went to my new tool - the internet - in hopes of finding some way to access RU486. I somehow happened upon your site (which, incredibly, did not appear in any of my subsequent searches in netscape for emmenegogues, herbal abortions... I feel like it was some strange destiny that I found you!).

Anyway, I went directly out to purchase Vitamin C (No bioflavs). I used a 100 mg dosage, and took three immediately (OK, I was scared) in the evening, followed by two more late into the night. The next three days, I took 100 mg ever 1 1/2 hours from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m (a total of 12 grams). On the fourth day (January 18th) in the afternoon, I began spotting, and by the evening I was bleeding and cramping heavily. My period, never more than 3 1/2 days, lasted almost 7. The cramps were heavier and lasted longer, and the bleeding was heavier, lasted longer, and much more "clumpy".

I had never hear of herbal alternatives, and am amazed that this is not a better known technique. I will certainly share this with friends, and I will always remember to not accept the standard alternatives without looking around for others. I certainly hope to never experience the need again, though.

Thank you again for your valuable information presented with caring and consideration. The immediacy (vs. waiting through 7 long weeks!) privacy and empowerment given by this method is overwhelming. I had a clinical abortion several years ago, and was dreading the process. Thank you so much for saving me from this experience.

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