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Submitted: July 3, 2000

Shared By: Braya
Email Address: Lady_Braya@excite.com

Weight: 140
Age: 28
Pregnancy Test: Yes
Success: No
Resolution: Clinical Abortion

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? Approx. Jan 7
Do you know the date of fertilizing intercourse? What was it? No
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? approx. Feb 7
When were the herbs started? Around Feb 14 or so
How was the pregnancy ended? Clinical abortion
Were you successful in using the herbs? No
Did you have a pregnancy test? What was the result? and when was it taken? Home pregnancy taken four days after period was due, positive result, results were confirmed at doctor's office three weeks later

Were you using birth control? If you were not using birth control, please share why not. No, we were using condoms but opps "forgot" to use one this day.

I have never missed a period except for when I have been pregnant. I know my body well and can determine much of the changes I undergo. This past February I missed my period. I knew I was pregnant well before I took a home pregnancy test. About three or four days after I missed my period my suspicions were confirmed by a home pregnancy test. I knew I could not carry the pregnancy to term, circumstances in my life did not allow for that.

After researching herbal alternatives, I began to take Dong Quai in pill form, I believe it was the highest dosage I could find, about 400 mg I believe. I began taking 2 pills every four hours. I started having cramping but nothing beyond. I then began taking a mixture of Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh and Evening Primrose. I took 40 drops of each in a hot water mixture every four hors. Or at least tried to so that. I wasn't able to take the mixture during the night hours as I had wished to do so. I took this mixture for about 7 days with no results.

On March 7, 2000 I under went a clinical abortion. I do not regret anything I under went. Because of my experience and a wish to help others, I have even started a webpage to help others through the decision and to share experiences. It is called the Medicine Path and can be found at http://LadyBraya.tripod.com. It contains a private message board and my story. Any questions feel free to email me.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Nothing, except maybe taking the mixture of herbs around the clock every four hours.

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