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Submitted June 15, 2000

Shared By: Carrie
Weight: 146-149lbs
Age: 23 years old
Pregnancy Test: Positive
Success: Yes

The first day of my last menstrual period was May 1st 2000
The date of fertilizing intercourse was May 15 2000
The day I was expecting menstruation was June 1 2000

Herbs started were 1000mg of vitamin c every 1and1/2 hrs (I smoke), 1 cup pennyroyal tea ever 3 hours and parsley inserts.
After 8 days of that combo not working I, (made appointment for clinical)
I then switched to Tansy and Rue. Day 1, 1tsp Tansy to 6oz boiled water , 3tsp Rue to 6oz boiled water every 4 hours. Day 2, 1 1/2 tsp Tansy to 6oz boiled water, 4tsp Rue to 6oz boiled water every 3 hours and parsley pessary.
The pregnancy was ended within 48 hours of starting the Tansy and Rue Teas.
Yes I was successful
Yes I had 2 pregnancy tests 2 on June 3 ( did not believe the results) both were positive.

Were you using any birth control?
No, my husband and I had just had a daughter 4 months ago was breast feeding and thought I was safe (not true!!)

When I found your site I immediately investigated the herbs you mentioned and started using them on June 5th week 3 since conception. since by June 12 I hadn't succeeded I made the call to an abortion clinic and made an appointment for 2 weeks later. I began reading more into the herbs you mentioned on your site and decided on Rue and Tansy. Warning Tansy and Rue both are very hard to find and Tansy can only be bought in the Bulk herb, to get the tincture a licensed health professional has to get it for you, but the right herbalist would be willing to show you how to make the tincture yourself. I spent all day on the 12 calling herb stores in my local area until I finally found one 23 miles away. I began using these herbs in tea form the evening of June 12, on June 14th I added parsley pessaries at 7pm I started to bleed.

I didn't know it but I had been carrying twins and by 9pm that night I had passed BOTH grape sized sacs. I have to also share this, the night before I had tried to talk to my baby( didn't know it was 2) and I got no response, I asked my grandfather who had died years ago, to come get my baby's spirit and take her back to God, where she could find parents who needed her now. While I slept I had a dream and even though I couldn't see a face I heard a child's voice say "goodbye" and tell me she was "going now".

Although it breaks my heart to think about it now and I can hear the voice in my head, I know and knew it when I started, that they are better with God right now. After my initial shock I gave my babies a little service and buried them under my climbing roses( to symbolize their accent back to God).

Would I do anything different?
No. because my husband and I just had a Daughter in February 2000 But I think everyone who thinks about abortion rather with herbs or with clinical should prepare themselves for the feelings they will have afterwards. And PLEASE say goodbye to your unborn baby, you'll feel a sense of loss but you'll also feel better knowing you said goodbye.

Thank You Sister Zeus, you have provided a valuable service to women before and after.


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