A Personal Story

Submitted: May 11, 1999
Name: Cat
Success: No
Pregnancy Test: Yes
Result: Positive. Menstruation one week late at time of test.
Weight: 105 lbs

How would you rate your experience?
It was a learning experience

Were you successful in using the herbs? no
Is there anything you would have done differently? stayed consistent with one or a group of herbs.

I tried vitamin C and parsley inserts after a few days I tried dong quai along with Vitamin C, the only thing I felt were minor cramps along with feeling spacey, woozie I guess would be a better word, I was not consistent in taking the herbs either, I have this hang up about taking medicine it seems to always get stuck and i can't swallow it.... so I hated taking the herbs because of that and the after taste it left in my mouth. I took the capsules, Dong Quai I followed the directions on the bottle, which was 2 capsules 3 times a day, which I stuck to for 2 days until the aftertaste was making me sick to my stomach, Vitamin C (500mg) was taken 1 every hour for 12 hours making a total of 6 grams daily. But again it was not consistent I stopped taking them also... I did not stick to the plan so now I must go ahead with a clinical abortion (reluctant, might I add). But I do appreciate the help that Sister Zeus provided and it would had probably worked had I stuck with it.... Good Luck to all and God Bless.

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