A Personal Story

Submitted: January 25, 2003

Name: Catherine

Age: 20
Weight: 125
Height: 5' 9 "
Do you smoke tobacco? no

Did you have a pregnancy test? No
If no pregnancy test was taken - do you think you were pregnant? How strongly do you feel this way? Now that I think back I am sure I was.

How was the pregnancy ended? Combination of herbs
Were you successful in using the herbs? yes
Would you try herbs again, or recommend them to a friend in the same situation? YES!!!
Is there anything that clued you in that the herbs might be working before bleeding started? Lots of cramps, my breasts had started to hurt (more than normal) when I was two days late, two days before I started (today) the swelling and hurting sensation went away.
Is this your first pregnancy? Yes

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? don't know exactly
Do you know the date of fertilizing intercourse? What was it?
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? January (New Moon) 1-3, this month my mucuses were weird I am wondering if I ovulated before, like Feb 28 or so.
How long do your cycles usually run? The whole cycle; 28 days, 30 days, more? less? does it vary? I had been adjusting to the moon cycles but for the past two months I had been 28 days and beginning menstruation just before the full moon
Do you cycle regularly or irregularly? cycle pretty regular

What was the date when the herbs were started? Jan 18
How many weeks pregnant were you when the herbs were started? two
For how many days were the herbs used (total)? 6-7

What was the date the pregnancy was terminated?
Or, what was the date bleeding started if herbs were successful? Jan 24

Were you using birth control? What kind/method of birth control/contraception were you using? Pulling out and being vary careful around ovulation,
Do you know how/why it failed? I guess we weren't careful enough

Did you experience any symptoms or signs of pregnancy?
When did they start? My boobs were really sore, and I just could tell that my period wasn't coming.

Please include a summary of dosage information.
Started taking vit. C on Jan18, 6000 mg per day (found out two days later that it wasn't just rose hips and weren't good in the C but any kind of bioflavanoid, so the switched to the Pure C powder. Jan 20 started blue cohosh about 30 drops every 3 hours of so. Jan 22 starting to really worry drinking parsley and ginger tea and also Parsley vaginal inserts at night. While continuing the C and Cohosh until this morning when I started my period , I have never been more happy to wake up and have to wash the sheets!!!!!!!

Side effects.
How did the herbs affect you? Just physically
Any positive effects? not really
Where there any negative effects? ? I have had BAD cramps all day, and the worst gas and diarrhea from the C

Do you have any health problems or issues? No

If the herbs caused miscarriage -- how did you feel just before bleeding began? Yesterday my Breasts were much less tender, I had sort of a yellowish discharge very strange!!! I started getting cramps as though my period was coming. I went to bed with a parsley insert, then woke up at 4 in the morning and was very uncomfortable I had to take the insert out. I felt rumbling all over down there, I thought it was more of the runs. but this morning I woke up and finally I saw RED!!!

I just had a bath I have had my period all day, I douched at the end and some clumpy things came out of my vagina, that could be normal but I have never seen it before.

The hardest part about this whole thing, was not confiding in my partner fully, and the only reason is because he isn't quite in to the whole natural health remedies and I didn't want to explain. And how can someone understand if you can't fully talk to them about what is going on. My advice :Talk about it!!!! It will help a lot.

I would really like to hear from you sister zeus, I didn't want to take a test just because I didn't really want to know, do you think that these symptoms were enough to tell. Thanks for your efforts to help all us women take controls of our bodies, minds, souls, and spirits!

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