A Personal Story

Submitted June 29, 1999

Name: Christina
Success: yes - menstruation began on schedule
Pregnancy test: no
Weight: 165 lbs.
Method used: vitamin c as emergency contraception before menstruation was due. 10 grams per day. Five 500mg tablets every 4 hours for 9 days.

Commits -

**Let me preface by saying that I underwent a surgical abortion back in March. I had been on the Pill for over a year and still got pregnant with twins and absolutely could not continue the pregnancy. The doctor advised (and he was a wonderful man) that I was in the process of miscarrying one, if not both, of the twins when he performed the abortion. He was a good doctor, and the experience itself was not traumatic. Unfortunately, I work for an insurance company, and coworkers are the ones who have to pay the medical claims and get the approvals, and I would be embarrassed to have to have another surgical termination come across their desks.

This should have caused me to be more careful, but unfortunately, I wasn't. The father of the twins and I split, and I was not sexually active for a few months, presumably until I got married this time, and went off the pill. Well, my cycle remained pretty regular.

the 1st day of my last period was May 28, 1999. On June 12, 1999, I made the foolish choice of having sex with an acquaintance, and it was totally unprotected. About a week later, I realized, after counting days, that we had unprotected sex on day 15 of my cycle!!

I spent a week researching and stressing. I knew of the parsley tea and vitamin c, but not too sure about dosage. I read the accounts in Sharing our Wisdom, and decided to start with the vitamin c. On June 20,1999, I began taking 2.5 grams every 4 hours. I repeated this until June 27,1999 when I started my period as expected (based on my cycle). I have no confirmation that I was pregnant, only paranoia due to my fertility history (been pregnant 4 times, all on birth control, had 3 children, aborted 1 pregnancy of twins). I just knew my luck and my history. Anyway, I'm thankful for this site.

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