A Personal Story

Submitted: May 12, 1999

Name: Chy
Weight: 130 lbs

How would you rate your experience?
It was personally empowering

Were you successful in using the herbs? Yes

Did you have a pregnancy test? No pregnancy test

Is there anything you would have done differently? No

Commits -
Sister Zeus, first I want to thank you for publishing this website, for sharing so much herbal information, for sharing so much of your personal experience, and for giving other women the opportunity to share ours. My experience is this: my period was about 4/5 days late.

I had sex with a man on about Day 15 of my last cycle. We used a condom and spermicide (which gave me a yeast infection, which I then healed by using a whole garlic clove as a suppository every night for three nights); he didn't come inside me, so I didn’t think it was very likely that I was pregnant. Though we had done some unprotected rubbing-together before having intercourse, and I know there’s often sperm in pre-come, so I was a little bit concerned.

I kept muscle-testing myself daily with the question, “Am I pregnant?” And the answer was consistently “No”. But because it had been Day 15, and because I am a worry wart by nature, the possibility did cross my mind.

I usually have about 4-5 days of PMS (tender breasts, water bloating, salt/sugar/protein cravings, feeling of full uterus) right before my period starts. Well, this past cycle I didn't start PMS-ing until Day 28...the day I expected to start bleeding. I've never been pregnant and have heard that a lot of the early symptoms are the same as PMS, so I started to worry. On day 32/33 -after 4/5 days of my PMS-possibly-pregnancy symptoms, I started spotting a little bit in the morning. I had a feeling it was my period, began visualizing my body menstruating, and stocked up on ginger and parsley to bring on the flow.

Around 1 pm I ate a bit of raw parsley and raw ginger, made some parsley and ginger tea (poured hot water over crushed parsley and tiny bits of ginger) and put about 3 springs of parsley in my vagina as a suppository. About 2 minutes after I put in the parsley, I started to feel a little crampy; by late afternoon/early evening, I was flowing in my normal amount and smelling like a garden. :>

I've also done a bit of meditation on the question of why my period was so late to begin with (I have had exact 28-day cycles for years) and I know that it has to do with some deeper personal confusions about my attractions to men-I am most frequently romantically and sexually drawn to other women, and found myself with some very deep, intense feelings about the man of Day 15.... Which gave me more questions on which to meditate. Over the past few days I have gained so much knowledge from your website and so much support from reading the other women’s stories on the Sharing Our Wisdom page. This is a beautiful site full of such great information and validation. Thank you again.


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