A Personal Story

Submitted: Jun 29, 1999 16:41:56 -0400

Name: Diamond
success: yes
Pregnancy test: positive
weight: 165
method used: Vitamin C; 12 grams per day

First day of my last period was May 23, 1999. I take birth control pills so my cycle is regular. Our date of intercourse was June 7. I expected my period between June 20 and 22. Since it didn't come I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Having two lovely children already we donít want another right now. So I found this site. (Thank You)

I had been through a surgical abortion before and did not want that again. I started taking 500mg of vitamin C on June 22, I took 2 every two hours even through the night. After three days I started to spot and then on the 5th day I felt strong cramps and I started to bleed heavily and I had a lot of clots. I felt so relieved I couldn't believe it worked. I wouldn't do anything different.

I would like to thank you for your site and your information it feels very good to have control of your own body. Again thank you.

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