A Personal Story

Submitted: Jun 21, 1999

Name: Fran
Sucess: Yes
Weight: 145 lbs
Pregnancy Test: Positive
Method used: Vitamin C in combination with other herbs.

In November of '98, I discovered I was pregnant. I had an abortion on December 31st. It, and the 2 weeks that followed, were the worst experiences of my life.

My period was due on Wednesday morning, and when I didn't get it, I began to panic! I had looked at your page before when I knew I was pregnant, and book-marked it, but I wasn't in tune with my body then, so by time I found the information, it was too late before. So, Wednesday morning, I looked at your site. Over the next day, I waited to see if I was just a bit late, but I wasn't. Thursday I went and bought a home pregnancy test, and it was positive. I almost died. I went back to buy herbs, and this is what I did:
500 mg Vit C once every hour (at night, I woke up every 2-3 hours, then took 2-3 pills at once)
1300 mg Evening Primrose Oil 3 x a day
540 mg Black Cohosh Root 4 x a day
550 mg Ginger Root 2 pills 4 x a day

I also took hot baths and made a tea of dried parsley and ginger. I had at least 2 baths a day, bubble baths with the lights off and silence so I could communicate with the spirit child. I also practiced cervical stimulation after every bath. 8 days after my period was due (the next Thursday) and 6 days after my herbal regimine, I started menstrating. It was more fibrous and with a little more cramping than usual, but this worked for me. I tried a HPT again, 2 days after starting the herbs, and that also tested positive.

I wanted to share my story with you, as I want other women to know that doctors are not the only option, there are other choices, more natural ones, and I want to share my story to offer hope to those who might not feel that have any.


I asked her how she determined the dosage for the evening primrose and this was her response.

The evening primrose, well, that was hit and miss. I couldn't find a dosage anywhere, just to take it 3-4 x day so I got the most potent ones the store had.

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