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Submitted Oct 12, 1998

(NAME) Kristen
(rate) empowering
(success) yes
I am on regular birth control pills. Recently, I was unable to get a refill on my prescription and started my cycle of pills two days late. I know when you do that you are supposed to use backup, but I didn't. I really did not worry about it until my breasts began to get very tender and I had discharge coming out of my nipples (sure signs my body gives me that I am pregnant!) Having had both a clinical abortion and a child that I find difficult to care for, I knew that I did not want to repeat either experience.

I looked up a few herbal abortion sites on the web, hoping to find something useful. I did find useful information. I followed instructions and began to take 500 mg of Vitamin C (I did this for about 8 hours every day), 2 capsules of evening Primrose Oil a day, and 3-4 cups of tea made with tinctures of Pennyroyal, Blue Cohosh, and Black Cohosh. For several days, I could still tell that I was pregnant. I began to get that sick feeling every morning, and my breasts grew. Then, about a week into the project, my breasts began to go down. This morning, the day I would expect a regular flow, I was spotting.

This evening I feel cramps and am beginning to bleed more visibly. I will continue with the Vitamin C until my bleeding really starts. This experience had helped me feel more in control of my own body, and has given me options I did not even know were available. I hope more women learn to listen to their bodies and care for them as well. Thanks.

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