A Personal Story

Submitted: Sept 9, 1999

Name: Leslie
Weight: 5'9" 200lbs.

Mens. Hist.: June 24, 1999: Child Birth (currently nursing)
July 22nd (+/-) Very light spotting
Aug. 13th (+/-) Very, Very light spotting
Fertilizing. Intercourse: Aug. 26th
Suspected Ovulation: Aug. 27th/28th
Mens. Due: Sept.10th (+/-) Nursing seems to have thrown it off.

Herbs: Sept 2nd pm thru Sept 8th mid-nite
Vitamin-C (Ascorbic Acid 500mgs, Vitamin Shoppe Brand) 4 pills every 4 hours around the clock.
Discontinued when baby developed a typical "citrus rash" on face. Decided to wait until reliable preg. test results could be acquired.

Success: Apparently. Late night on the 8th, I began to spot. 24hrs later; experiencing very heavy, bright red bleeding with some small clots.

Things to do differently: USE A CONDOM!!! Confirm preg with test.

Comments: Because I'm nursing, I went with the Vitamin-C therapy. Frankly, I was too embarrassed to ask my midwife if it would be okay. That's also the major reason why I discontinued as soon as the rash appeared. It is already clearing up (two days after discontinuing)

{Note: there is very little information available for women who are breastfeeding and who wish to use herbs in an attempt to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.}

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