A Personal Story

Submitted: March 14, 2000

Name: LisaMo
Weight: 135 lbs./5'3"
Age: 41 yrs.
Pregnancy Test: Positive
Success: Yes

First Day of Last Period: 1/4/00
Date of Fertilizing Intercourse: 1/16/00
Date Expected Next Period: 2/4/00
Began Herbs: 1/27/00
Dosage Info.: Vitamin C, 2,000 mg. every 2 hours around the clock
Cotton Root Bark Tincture, 15 drops every 4 hours around the clock
Pennyroyal Tincture, 20 drops every 6 hours around the clock
Dong Quai, 565 mg. every 4 hours around the clock

How did pregnancy end? Herbal induced abortion

Positive pregnancy tests on 1/27/00, 1/31/00, 2/8/00
Negative pregnancy tests on 2/14/00, 2/21/00


I took birth control pills from 1975 - 1999. Quit taking them 6/99. For some reason I thought I was too old to get pregnant. My spouse and I don't have sex THAT frequently. There are 30 year olds taking fertility drugs so I certainly couldn't be too fertile at this point. I was wrong. My breasts began swelling at 6 days after fertilization, my nipples were erect and sensitive. Felt out of sorts.

Took a home test and was floored. Made an appointment for a medical abortion for week seven. Found your web site and decided to try herbs in the intervening weeks. My breasts lost the full feeling and nipple sensitivity went away after approximately 7-8 days of herbs. I suspected it was working but continued an additional 7 days without the Cotton Root Bark and Penny Royal tinctures, continued dosage an additional few days of the C and Dong Quai. Day one of my most recent period was 3/3/00.

I was surprised it actually worked but very pleased. I believe part of the success was due to beginning the herbs early and committing to using them day and night. I worked throughout the process, listened to my body, took care to eat and drink right. Thank you for presenting the information.

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