A Personal Story

Submitted:May, 23

Name: Lydia

Pregnancy test? Yes, two at home and one at the clinic
What was the result? all three positive
When was it taken? Taken 8 days after I was late and then at 6 weeks pregnant
Weight: 150 lbs

How would you rate your experience?
Hopeful in the beginning, frustrated when it did not work.

Herbs used: Dong Quai & Black Cohosh
Date of LMP: April 2
Date herbs were started: May 17
Were you successful in using the herbs? No

I would like to thank you for offering this information to women. Although it did not work for me, it may for others, and I believe it is important to have all the facts and if there are alternatives to a clinical abortion they should be available to all women. I used the Dong Quai and Black Cohosh in tincture and powered capsules for one week every four hours. The only thing I got was an upset stomach. I did eat before taking the herbs but this did not help. I was six weeks pregnant so that may have been causing the ill feeling but I believe it was the herbs.

I was following the procedure for "less than two weeks late for my period." I was very nervous about self-poisoning. I followed the directions on the lable and from "Sharing Our Wisdom posts. Maybe I should have increased my dosage but I was afraid to do so. I was also concerned when I went to the clinic that since I took the herbs they would cause me to bleed more than if I had not taken the herbs. They did not cause this. Again, thank you for all your information and I wish other's who try this method success.

The dosages were 2 capsules of Don Quai (500 mg) every 4 hours. After two days I also added 1ml of Don Quai Tincture and switched to Black Cohosh capsules twice a day. I couldn't find pure Black Cohosh but I did find capsules that had it listed as the first ingrediant so I purchased it. I was in a pretty desperate state so maybe I should have used more but I didn't. And I didn't find your home page until 5/17, which was probably too late. I took the herbs for 5 days around the clock. I probably should have done 1000 because of my weight. The pregnancy was ended with an abortion.

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