A Personal Story

Submitted: Feb 8, 2000

Name: Lynne
Weight: 140
Age: 21
Success: No.
Preg. Test: Yes. Positive.

date of last menstrual period: Dec 17, 1999
fertilized intercourse: January 1, 2000
expecting menstruation: 28 days after Dec 17
started herbs: two days after no period

pregnancy test? yes confirmed positive on the same day starting herbs
first pregnancy?: Not my first pregnancy

birth control: only using condoms
Reasons for failure: It failed due to unsafe use and right during ovulation


I have been pregnant before so I know what to expect and I have prior knowledge of herbs like Pansy that I often use a few days before my period just in case I had not been careful. The thing is even though I was not completely one hundred percent careful I only had sex once that month, which is unusual for me, so I just assumed I was safe. Even when a few days before my period came I experience PMS and cramps but finally two days had past, after I had expected it, and still no bleeding.

I started Pansy one teaspoon in two cups of water which I drank in one does before bed because it always kills my stomach. Finally I noticed my breasts aching but different then it had felt like before. Before when I was pregnant it was sore and hurt to touch and when I ran up the stairs. Now it was like I had exercised too much. I just didn't see the signs in time to catch it I suppose but there I was positive and obviously pregnant. The Pansy brought on cramps again but nothing so a day later I read my Susan Weed books and there were finally some answers. I am so new at this. Heal a cut, a burn, hell a broken arm but not this with herbs.

My biggest problem was that I had no advice on what to do first or what herb does what, the book is vague and I admit following directions is not my thing. I am like one of those chefs in the kitchen that never uses a cookbook. Maybe this time I should have. Personally I think everything happened the way it did for a reason even if I did not want to have a child the experience I went through for three weeks was just what I needed. I never felt so in body in my life. It has changed me forever, the fact that I did things wrong and now I know what to do in case of emergency, not only to prevent it but in case I don't, is a great gift.

So I started taking Vitamin C the full 6 grams in one does every day for three or four days. At this time I discovered the web site and started taking black Cohosh and blue both four times a day for these four days at 350 mg each does of each. I have had an abortion before when I was only 17 and I know what the cramps feel like after and this was the feeling I was getting non stop. but no bleeding. At this point I was communicating with my body and the child to let it go. I felt I had achieved this after these four days but then dreaming occurred after I stopped the Cohosh of my child talking to me.

I figured out the does of Vitamin C and starting taking 500 mg every hour and Parsley inserts. I decided in order to stop the process I had to stop the progesterone and then could induce contractions for which I choose Don Quai after four days of the Vitamin C. Morning sickness was setting in and I was running out of time. I began having dreams of my baby dying but in the dreams she just told me she might die and she never did.

I then picked up the pineapple tip from the web and decided well, my body usually responds so well to live food so why not. After two pineapples in two days along with Vitamin C and as well the Don Quai 400 mg every four hours I felt I was on my way and not one dream came of her talking with me. I starting spotting maybe for drops and then the next day as well. Then nothing...

I thought maybe I just needed more time so I packed and went to Florida to visit my grandparents. I was so sick I could not even eat crackers or anything. I was sick with no medicine or pineapple or vitamin C for four days. Only cramps that were natural and I just slowly recovered from what it seemed to me as a little to much medication and vitamin C. My mom made an appointment for me at the doctor to get an abortion and I prayed that something would change. Something made me postpone it and I tried the pineapple again but I just decided I had done things out of order and my body was suffering enough. I knew I had to end this.

Even though I did not achieve results I learned more about my body then I ever could have. This experience had brought me to the realization that herbs and foods will work for me if I need them too. Personally, though it may sound strange, I needed this time, this experience because that is just what life is all about and if I could change a thing this go around I wouldn't.

However I know that it was the Pineapple that worked for me. All I did was ground it up and made juice out of it in the blender and drank it. you might only need three pineapples or so for two days and then results should follow. My mistake was before I discovered this I was too sick to go through with the whole process but I know that if this happened again, and I don't think it will ever, I learned my lessons, pineapple is it.

My mom asked me how I handle all this and how I manage to drag myself in the mud learning things the hard way and still get back up. A wise women once told me that as a women I MUST be strong and I told her I was born a women, I was born into strength.

Hope this helps sister. I seem to be the only person who promotes the pineapple even if it didn't work completely for me. It would have if I did it in the beginning with the right does. Wishing you well. Keep strong.

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