A Personal Story

Submitted May 6, 1999

Name: Mari
Success: yes
Pregnancy test: positive
Method used: Vitamin C - 12 grams per day

I was pregnant due to a bit of neglect on our part.. I read your vitamin C method of terminating pregnancy.

I was almost 10 days late on my periods when I realized that I was pregnant. First I thought that it was just a delay. I had done a pregnancy test (blood & urine) both came positive. I started taking ascorbic acid about 12 grams a day and on the 7th day I started bleeding.

Most important thing I want to know is. I have a negative blood group and my husband is positive. The Rhesus factor of all my three kids is positive. Should I take an antidote??? {Answer: yes you should.} Although I am sure I wont be having more kids. I am a mother of three and did not want more.

I am living in a place where medical abortions are illegal. I am a teacher by profession and I am working in Kuwait the gulf.

Many thanks for your very informative page... its a great service to womanhood.


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