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Submitted Aug 21, 1998

Submitted August 21, 1998

(NAME) Maria
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When I realized I was approaching a week late for my period, I was getting rather frantic - I knew something had to be wrong (pregnant?) because I never miss. My period always comes between 28-30 days but this time it was already day no. 33. Also, I live with my family and I certainly did not want them to know of this possible pregnancy. An abortion clinic and even a clinical pregnancy test was out of the question. Occasionally I had heard mention of the leaves of a tree which were once used for abortions, here in my country, but I knew no specifics and was not about to ask for any either. On Tuesday night (Aug 18, 1998) it struck me that there might be something on the 'Net about herbal abortions, so I checked and Hey Presto! there you were with exactly what I needed. I was extremely relieved to read of the simple parsley method and I decided to try it.

The next day, Wednesday, I bought a large bunch of parsley and made tea all through the day at work. I had to be rather furtive about it because everyone knew that I was not a hot beverage drinker, and I was not prepared to entertain questions about why I was drinking parsley tea. I filled a mug with the parsley, added a packet of a lemon cold/flu remedy which contained ascorbic acid, poured hot water to the top of the mug and left it to steep until just lukewarm or cold. I managed five mugs of this tea throughout the day and evening. There was hardly any taste to speak of.

Thursday morning, I noticed some sign of spotting when I visited the bathroom, but waited until mid-morning before letting go a sigh of relief. By then my period had made its definite appearance!

I decided that I must definitely revisit this site in order to share this with other women out there. It is such a simple remedy and now I think of all the young girls in my country and others who could have avoided much trauma because of unwanted pregnancies, if only they had known this information. Thank you so much.

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