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After reading a few things on this web page I felt I should share my own experiences, which have to do not with herbs, but with abortion and how to go about it in general. My reason for writing is that from my own experience, I know that abortion is about a lot more than technique - many decisions stem from fear of being rejected and ignorance of clinical procedures.

Five years ago, at age 21, I had a successful and supportive clinical abortion of a 13-week old fetus, from which I have not yet suffered any physical or moral complications. I do not regret my choice but see now that it was a mature decision; I learned a lot from it and as a result have found what I really want from relationships and myself. (And learnt the hard way to use contraceptives, double whammy, at all times...)

I am writing because I would like those women who are afraid of moral judgment and bad physicians to know that solutions do exist, and to PLEASE not risk their health by feeling overconfident about their strength and independence from society at a time when help is really useful and in some cases lifesaving.

My own story contains many factors that I know many women who are reading this do not have. I am very lucky in these respects, having been surrounded by nonjudgmental and supportive family, a national (Swedish) health care system that has no interest in over treatment, and some very lucky timing. At no point did anyone tell me I should feel bad. Naturally, I had a very emotional period before and after the abortion itself, crying a great deal and talking for hours on the phone, but it felt like the way things should be (I'm having an abortion, right?).

I would like to stress that a clinical abortion, even in the 13th week, should not technically be a very big deal - I was in and out of the hospital in a matter of hours, felt no real pain and went to dinner in the evening as planned. However, pregnancy and all that surrounds it means a drastic disruption of the balance in the body and at least in a hospital you have access to professionals who can make sure that complications, if they occur, are handled correctly. Why risk your health by acting out of fear? If you are reading this and feel afraid of the clinical procedure or of the looks people will give you, then admit that to yourself, FIND SOMEONE TO TALK TO who can help you and/or support you, and make an informed choice. Do not read only about herbs but find out what a clinical abortion really is. And girlfriend, ask for money if you have to!! Humiliated though you may feel. There are moments when you have to depend on others, and this is not the time to be proud or stingy with yourself...

If you still feel that herbs are for you, then by all means, go ahead. I can't help but feel that you are choosing the hearth over central heating... more ancient and romantic to be sure, but also less efficient, less safe, and harder to control. This is your body you are gambling with.

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