A Personal Story

Submitted: August 23, 1999

Your name: Sarah
Weight: 5í10 200 lbs
Success: Yes
Preg test: No

Last menstrual period started: July 17
Do you know the date of fertilizing intercourse? What was it?
We only had intercourse once, on August 8, I practice NFP and felt that I had ovulated on July 30, So I thought I was clear, mucous was dry again etc.

What was the date you were expecting menstruation?
August 14. And I spotted on the 13 and then again on the 15, I got crampy and tired, I got my monthly pimple and gave my sweet husband a hard time for no reason, but I just had a feeling when I wasnít bleeding in earnest, that I need to do something to insure that I would.

When were the herbs started?
I started vitamin C 1.5 grams every three hours on August 16. First I spent about a day researching my options. I have a 2 1/2 year old who still nurses occasionally, so I contacted my midwife and my doctor (who I have a very good relationship with) and I discussed ascorbic acid in general and dosing and concentration in breast milk. We decided that I would not nurse my daughter until 24 hours after my last meager dose of it C. We are practicing child-led weaning.

Were you successful in using the herbs?
Yes! On day 7, my period started in earnest, it is heavier than norm but not painful.

Is there anything you would have done differently? I would have started the parsley right away and been a bit more consistent with the vitamin C from the first day. I was sort of trying out doses for two days, dosing less at night etc.,

Do you wish to share your experience with others on the web?
Yes, I would. I've had abortions, I get pregnant easily, My daughter was conceived while on the pill, and I was really careful about taking it... So I learned about NFP, I stopped doing basal temps a few months ago and I guess it screwed me up, my schedule isnít so regular (maybe the on again off again nursing??) that I can go by mucous and date alone. Iím really glad that I didnít have to go the surgical route.


It was an extremely empowering experience, Thank you for making this information available. Someday I will pass this along to my daughter. Had I known about this, I could have avoided an abortion at 17 and 23. It's good to stop being a slave to fertility, victimized by your eggs, Natural Family Planning has been empowering and ending an early pregnancy without medical intervention is doubly so.

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