A Personal Story

Submitted: July 1, 2000

Name: Tiffany
Weight: 125
Age: 30
Pregnancy Test: Not taken
Success: Yes

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? May 11
Do you know the date of fertilizing intercourse? What was it? No
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? June 10-12
When were the herbs started? June 25

Please include a summary of dosage information.
1000 mg vitamin C every two hours,
1ml Dong Quai and 1 ml Blue Cohosh every four hours

How was the pregnancy ended? My period began June 30, so this worked for me

Were you successful in using the herbs? Yes

Did you have a pregnancy test? What was the result? and when was it taken?
No. I did not feel any symptoms of pregnancy, but I had no other reason to be so late

Is this your first pregnancy? no

Were you using birth control? yes
What kind/method of birth control/contraception were you using? condoms
Do you know how/why it failed? My lover entered me for a second unprotected, then pulled out and put on a condom. It doesn't take but a second though. However, according to my cycle, I wasn't ovulating. Very curious month for me.

Comments -
I am a single woman and have no desire for a child. When I was late, I wasn't overly concerned because I am not the most regular girl in the world. However, two weeks was starting to freak me out. I did not want to go through the unpleasantness of a clinical abortion, so I went to the web and found your site. I read it carefully and decided to try Tansy. However, I couldn't locate it anywhere locally, so I made a list of the other options and their interactivity and went to the herb store where I bought everything available.
I took 2 500mg of vitamin C followed by the 1ml of Dong Quai and a teaspoon of Blue Cohosh. The Blue Cohosh alone made me ill, so I started over, mixing the tinctures in whatever I was drinking at the time. I wanted immediate results, I must say, although I knew I had to be patient. I decided to give it a week, and then seek the alternative. But I went into it very dedicated. I set my alarm for every two hours at night and carried the vials with me everywhere I went. I kept waiting for cramps and would thrill every time I felt anything remotely like a twinge in my stomach. However by Thursday, I thought that since I was experiencing nothing close to a cramp, I was not going to be successful. I continued the intake, but I had run out of Blue Cohosh the day before, and was almost out of vitamin C. I decided to forget the nasty-tasting Cohosh, but I replenished my C supply and carried on. I was very tired of getting up every two hours, but I kept thinking, one more day, one more day. I awoke Thursday June 30 at 8:00am for my dosage and then to shower for the day. And to my joy, I was bleeding. My period is just as it always is, the same flow, the same feelings in my stomach. I have to tell you how grateful I am that this site was here for me, and all around I have learned a lot from this experience. Have a little faith and don't expect instant total gratification, but this can work. Thank you so much!

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Yeah, I'd make him wear a condom from the second he got naked until he was ready to leave! I would start sooner, but denial is a powerful thing.

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