A Personal Story

Submitted: Apr 5, 2000

Name: Tina
Age: 25
Weight:120 lbs, and 5 ft 7
Pregnancy Test: Yes, positive.
Success: Possible, if had more time, terminated with clinical.


I would like to categorize my experience under Successful.

I will try to remember the dates as best as I can. I always start my period around the 9th or 10th of the month; give or take a day or 2. I am taking birth control pills; 28 day regimen Ortho-Tricyclen.

In February, on the 8th is when I started my menstrual cycle. It was very short and only lasted 3 days. It didn't concern me because I sometimes have short periods being on the pill. I was then off by that weekend of the 12th and 13th. My boyfriend and I had sex all weekend, and I had started my pill pack on that Sunday, the 13th. (I am a Sunday starter.) I missed on pill on the third Monday (21st), and doubled up the next day; not using any back up method of birth control. However, the week of the 14th on I had felt very fatigued for a couple of days; which is out of the ordinary for me because I am normally pretty active. The last week in February I was getting a little concerned because I had an upset stomach in the morning (but never vomited), and I had a tall glass of milk and then I felt fine. Other than feeling a little upset stomach in the morning I really had no reason to expect that I was pregnant because my period came in Feb and I hadn't experienced what I thought should be morning sickness.

Eventually, by the beginning of March I wasn't feeling nausea in the morning; except I noticed a slight increase in my appetite .....I normally don't ever eat breakfast in the morning but for some reason I had to eat breakfast or else by noon I was starved. My job is pretty hectic at the end of the month and I still have lots to do with the previous month when I am into the beginning of the following month.

When March 8th rolled around I knew my period would be coming because it was that time again. And like I said it always is off a day or 2, give or take. I knew my last period was on the 8th, and w/ Feb being a short month I figured it would be that following weekend (11th Or 12th). That weekend rolled around, and I noticed my breasts were very tender to touch, but I sometimes experienced that when my period is coming so I paid that no attention.

Finally on Sunday night (12th) my boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch and I said I was worried because my period was a little late. He suggested we give it one more night and not to stress and then if Monday I didn't start we would get a home test. Monday came and my period didn't. We got a test and it was positive. We were shocked but talked about everything and I was scared. He knew that I had a clinical abortion before when I was 20, and that I swore I would never do that again. However, you cant say that unless you are confronted with the situation. He let me know that it was 100% my decision either way, and he would support me no matter my decision. I knew we would be married someday, but my career and myself were not ready for a child.

I immediately that night got online and found this site about herbs - with Vitamin C. I read all the stories and thought WOW..if I could do this without being humiliated in a clinic then lets try it!!! My boyfriend was a little concerned, he is protective, but agreed.......He hopped right in the car to Safeway and bought a huge bottle for me. Vitamin C, 250mg w/ Ascorbic Acid - the generic brand.

I started my dosage that night. I took 4 when he got home (1000mg) and made a schedule: every hour on the hour during the day from 8am to 10pm I would take 2 (500mg or 3500mg total), in the night I would wake up every 2 hrs and take 3 (750mg or 7500mg total) I would always manage to skip one dosage in the night which may leave 6750mg total. I stayed pretty religious with it, wanting it to work.

On the 15th of March I had to go to Kaiser and take a test for them in order for a clinic to see me (I had planned to have a clinical abortion if I didnt see any results). I went to Kaiser and took the test, the next day they confirmed. The advice nurse that called asked how I felt and I told her. She then scared me half to death because she checked my dates and thought maybe my period in Feb was a false one and I could be almost 10 weeks or more pregnant. I was scared at that point because I didn't want to put my body in danger nor did I want to wait too long with the Vitamin C method if my time was running out. I had to make a choice fast. By then I was taking C for 4 days. I had diarrhea bad and my urine was real dark yellow. I spoke w/ my boyfriend and told him what the nurse said and he was a little scared too; not knowing for sure.

I then went to Kaiser on day 5 - the 17th, and got authorization for planned parenthood to have a clinical abortion. I was scared and knew I needed to act fast. I got it authorized and made an appt for the 18th (would have been day 6 of C). I continued the C Friday night. Sat morning I woke up and felt horrible. I had cramps like you wouldn't believe. It felt like my ovaries were going to pop out. I had an appt at 8:45 at planned parent hood and I thought I wasn't going to make it I felt so bad. I managed to throw some sweats on and got o the appt. I got there and still felt the same. I had a sonogram done and to my fortune found out that I was only 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I was happy about that because the nurse said I would only need a manual extraction since I was so early. I had the abortion, and I bled for about a week off and on. It is now the 4th of April and I am still spotting a little. The reason I am writing this is because I believe the discomfort I was feeling on day 6 was because the C was in fact working. I have a tremendous feeling that if I was sure I was not that far along that I would have been 100% effective........however, my situation didn't let me have the leisure I would have liked to have. I feel I made the right decisions and am glad I tried the C, and would definitely recommend to a friend in need.


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