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    Please, please include more links to factual sites or books on the actual medical research. Death is a real possibility along with losing excessive amounts of blood. If you are going to inform people on this topic help them to be as informed as possible.

In response I would like to add that there are very few sites out there dealing with this subject, and medical/scientific research on the use of whole plants for contraceptive or abortive uses is almost non-existent. Their research is largely on refined extracts of which none of us could possibly make at home.
I have included links to books where ever possible, and often site my references.

I try to caution people as much as possible, there is a great deal that we do not know about using these herbs, particularly what kind of dosages should be used. We are re-learning the wisdom our ancient grandmothers once had. It is a slow process and many mistakes will be made along the way. All we can do is try to learn from those mistakes. I try to expose my visitors to a wide variety of pertinent information. And there is always room for improvement. I just wrote up a page on the risks of using herbs for abortion, I hope this will make women more aware of what they could be getting themselves into, this information was already in the site, but now has a page and an easy to find link of its own.

I don't include links to many other sites. Though I have included a link with in the site to a well written unbias article concerning a young woman's death due to her attempt to end pregnancy with pennyroyal and how an ectopic pregnancy and complications likely caused by the use of the herbs ended her life in spite of doctors best efforts to save her. It is the only one thus far I have found which I deemed worthy of a link.

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