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Submitted: February 17, 1999

(NAME) Sherryl
(weight) My weight fluctuates between 120 - 128 pounds.
(rated experience) very empowering if not a little shaky from venturing into unknown territory.

(pregnancy_test) Yes, Day #28, negative. Second test: Day #31, negative.
Note: Sherryl was convinced by the symptoms she was experiencing that she was pregnant. After reading her details I asked her to take a second pregnancy test, because the first one she took was negative, and she contacted me the day after she stopped bleeding. The second test was also negative. If she had been pregnant, It would has still read positive, since the HGC hormones takes a few days to get flushed out of the body. Although the symptoms she experienced were convincing, based on the two tests and the rapid results from the home remedies, we came to the conclusion that she had not been pregnant. Her experience was written before I asked her to take the second test, and remains in its origional form, believing she was pregnant.

Were you successful in using the herbs? yes, however it's only been 4 days since I started taking herbs and I've almost completely stopped bleeding. I expected a great deal more pain and blood.

Is there anything you would have done differently? I would have noted the amount of herbs by writing them down as I took them. Because of the anxiety of the situation, I went a great deal by intuition.


I am married for 10 years with two children. I have practiced birth control by following my cycle and avoiding unprotected sex around ovulation. This practice has worked for all of these years. Feb 4, I had unprotected sex on the 19th day of my cycle. By Thursday, Feb 11, cycle day #26, my breasts were bursting out of my bra and emitting milky substance. I had nursed both my sons, the youngest of which is only 3 years old, so my breasts were immediately filling up, sore and very heavy. Because we had no intention of deliberately becoming pregnant, we aren't even carrying pregnancy insurance. After discussing options together, which really isn't discussing at all. It's more like agonizing, ice in your veins, gnashing teeth while intermittently going back and forth between being determined to terminate and then dreaming of another baby. Tortuous questions and fantasizing about the possibility of having another baby. Because, here is the real twist of unhappy fate, ladies, and judge me if you will, but I don't want to lie. I'm sick of lying. My husband travels 50 to 60 percent of the time, and I agonized over terminating the life within me as I know this baby is the life I created with my lover. So there you have it. I prayed for the little spirit within me to leave and I explained how sorry I was that she couldn't stay. I don't know why I believed the baby to be a she, but I did.

Feb 11
Cycle Day #26
I remembered from reading herbal books that raspberry tea tones the uterus, and I also picked up some 5W which is a combination of herbs to get a pregnant mother ready to deliver. Another uterine toner. I wasn't aware of the web site. I doubled the instructions on the bottle of 5W from 2 with meals to 4 capsules without meals.

Feb 13
Cycle day #28 (normal cycle is 29 - 32 days, I didn't expect to start until Feb 17)
Home pregnancy test - negative results.
I started with 1 cup of motherwort infusion with motherwort & blue cohosh tincture 15 drops. After 4 hours, I drank another cup, again with the tincture. The reason I know about this herb was because years ago, 1994, my husband and I were pregnant and I read in an herb book that motherwort would calm and pregnant woman's nerves. Well, I made an infusion (maybe the recipe called for a tea) however, by that evening in 1994, I was spotting. I had inadvertently aborted with the motherwort. A lesson in respect for the herbal kingdom, I assure you. Anyway, my breasts became less heavy and tight.

Around 5:00 pm I found your website (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!) and started taking vitamin c without the bioflavaniods. I think I took 2000 mg (4 chewable tablets) immediately. To which I switched to pill form and began taking 500 mg every hour, waking through out the night. In addition, I brewed up some parsley tea and inserted the parsley sprigs. I was amazed at how uncomfortable "innocent" parsley could be. I was beginning to feel crampy. I had discontinued the 5W capsules and raspberry tea & tincture.

Feb 14
Sunday, Cycle Day #29
Armed with the information on your web page, I went to the herbal store the next day. While in the store, I started to spot. I bought dong quai in the chopped root form, the dried capsule form and the tincture. I didn't know which one I was going to go with. I started making the decoction with the fresh herb, using about 2 cups of the chopped herb (way too much), and about 4 cups of water, boiled it down to about 2 cups and drank 1 cup. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I shiver now thinking about it.

I think I had taken 2 dong quai capsules on the way home from the store, so when I got home, cooked the herbs and drank one cup the of the dong quai, I didn't take into consideration I had already ingested 2 dong quai capsules. Let me tell you that doubling up on that stuff was really not necessary. I ended up in bed with a pounding headache, nausea, light sensitivity and major cramping. I began to stabilize and feel better after about an hour. However, I stayed in bed for the remainder of the day not feeling well, cramping and sleeping. Good advice would be to decide to do *either* the decoction, or the capsule or the tincture. ...must be the large amount of Sag and strong Jupiter in my chart that believes more is better. "Less is more" should be my mantra. (I later found the toxic page and discovered that I had a lot of the mild toxic descriptions).

I kept up with the parsley sprig inserts, the vitamin c (hourly), and I tried to drink another cup of the decoction, dong quai. No way. Couldn't do it. I almost vomited just smelling it. So, I switched to the capsules. Taking 2 every 4 hours as per the information on the web page. I also was drinking ginger tea. Throughout this day, I was having a slow, steady flow. I went through maybe 2 pads, and they weren't heavy at all. Very little tissue. I expected more and kept up with the herbs. I was mostly afraid of not passing everything and ending up with an infection or a required D&C.

My flow became so light towards evening, with very little cramping that I decided to go to work the next day. I was really not hurting at all. I was more afraid to get to work and begin to feel worse. But that didn't happen. Throughout the night I took the vitamin c every hour, and the dong quai capsule every 4 hours.

Feb 15
Monday Cycle Day #30
My flow was very light, cramping only occurred after I took another dose of (2) dong quai capsule(s) every 4 hours or when I drank the ginger tea with a few drops of the dong quai/blue cohosh in it. This was a day at work, I work in a metaphysical bookstore where I took it easy and listened to the water fountains all day. It was nice being around feminine energy.

Feb 16
Tuesday Cycle Day #31
Minimal bleeding. I kept up with the dong quai and tea today, no longer doing the vitamin c. Cramping is all but gone even when I do the herbs. I'm kind of concerned because I believed I would have a lot more pain, blood, and clotting. I saw some tissue mostly yesterday and none today. Perhaps because I began the herbs 8 days after conception, I avoided the heavy bleeding and cramping. But because I expected it, I kept up the herbs probably longer than necessary. (Less is more, Less is more) The duration of my normal period is 3 - 5 days with the 2 or 3rd day being the more heavy. I began the herbs to which the duration of menstruation was 4 days tapering on the 4th day to very, very light by evening. I was so nervous that my body had not expelled everything, that I even went the gym and ran for 30 minutes to see if I could start it back up again. Still very little flow. I am convinced it's all over, as this is the 4th evening at the time of this writing.

I hope this account may help someone with the dosage(s). I, too, have had a surgical abortion and feel angry with the fact that this herbal information has been suppressed and kept from us and our mothers over the couple of hundred years. I feel greatly empowered by my experience in knowing my body, knowing my cycle and using a natural, gentle, non-invasive remedy and solution in resolving my situation. I am interested in seeing some kind of class started at the bookstore that I work at wherein this information can be taught to women. If you have any advice one way or the other, I would be very eager to hear from you. Thank you so much for making this information available to us and helping us regain wisdom that should be our birth rite as women. Our bodies, our wisdom. With classes and support network systems we can effectively decrease the chances of women accidentally poisoning themselves by knowing dosages and when pain is abnormal and deadly as in the case of the girl with the ectopic pregnancy. With information reaching out to our communities by way of providing classes on this material, we can further the work to be done.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

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