A Personal Story

Sept- Oct cycle in 1995

Submitted by Sister Zeus
QAL used as emergency contraceptive
Pregnancy resulted, ended via menstrual extraction.

My 4th pregnancy occurred during the Sept-October cycle in 1995, immediately following my 3rd pregnancy. I neglected the #1 rule following the disruption of a pregnancy from the cycle before -- Avoid unprotected sex because ovulation can occur at a time you don't expect.

This cycle began Sept 10th with a menstrual extraction on Day 38 of my last cycle, after a half-hearted herbal abortion attempt failed, after my first two herbal attempts failed and those pregnancies ended in menstrual extraction, I was at the time part of a self-help group learning how to do menstrual extractions, willing to give my group members an opportunity to practice, I didn't use the vitamin c consistently.

Following the termination of that pregnancy, on Day 7 and Day 11 of the current cycle I had unprotected sex. Really, I should have known better than to have unprotected sex on Day 11 especially. Bleeding had just come to a stop on Day 11 and I was obviously not thinking clearly!!
On Day 12 My os looked like it might be opening up (I was viewing my cervix with a speculum as a method of identifying fertility), and the mucus/semen appeared slightly stretchy.
I didn't make any other notes on my chart until Day 16, where I noted the os appeared closed. I took 1 tsp of Qal seeds, chewed thoroughly and washed down with water.
Day 17 QAL - 1 tsp.
Day 18 no QAL
Day 19 no QAL - os closed. Labia is experiencing soreness after lovemaking. Suspect yeast infection. [turns out it was a reaction to the qal seeds]
Day 20 no QAL -- implantation probably occurred on Day 19 or Day 20.
Day 21 QAL
Day 22 no QAL. Still some irritation
Day 23 QAL irritation increased by an unsensitive partner's insistence in lovemaking. Used garlic pessary to combat any infection [inserted clove into vagina].
Day 24 QAL
Day 25 QAL/Garlic pessary
Day 26 QAL/Garlic pessary
Day 27 some itchiness today - QAL
Day 28 QAL/garlic
Day 29 & 30 QAL
Day 31 yeast suppositories and ginger tea.
Day 32 yeast suppositories and ginger tea.
Day 33 started drinking Angelica and ginger tea
Day 34 still drinking tea Dong quai and ginger. prescription yeast suppositories.
Day 36 prescription suppositories and cream
Day 37 still drinking tea and using prescription suppositories and cream.
Day 38 stopped tea. used cream.
Day 39 cream. went to planned parenthood.
Day 40 I think infection is gone - cream
Day 41 started tea again. 2 doses of QAL one in morning and one in evening. cream.
Day 42 sipped tea all day
Day 43 stopped tea.
Day 44 some cramping
Day 45 pregnancy ended by menstrual extraction.

What I thought was a yeast infection was actually caused by a reaction to the QAL seeds as I later found out, it took about 2 days for symptoms to manifest, then about two days to disappear after I stopped the seeds. I waited a couple of weeks until my pregnancy ordeal was over, then used them again with the same irritating effect.

Since then I've used them without that effect. Last time I used them I took them for a week and had no problems, I also do not beleive I conceived when I used them last, perhaps this was part of the reaction? However, the second time I used them I wasn't pregnant and still experienced the same effect. I may never know why that happened.

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