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Alternative Methods for Ending Pregnancy
that don't involve ingesting substances

This page is for women who cannot or will not obtain a clinical abortion if the home abortion attempt fails. The methods discussed on this page are very unlikely to cause any damage to the embryo. If you cannot or will not get a clinical abortion (either surgical or chemical) please do not use the herbal/vitamin remedies listed on this website. The effects on the embryo are unknown and not worth taking the risk of damaging the embryo if you know you will not or cannot go to the clinic.

These methods may also be used to supplement herbs or vitamin c for women who do plan to go to the abortion clinic should the herbs/vitamin c fail to produce miscarriage.

Reflexology and Accupuncture points.

According to Sandifer (1997), acupressure applied to the following points during pregnancy may cause miscarriage:
1. SP6 - on inside of ankle three fingers' width above the anklebone, close to the shinbone
2. BL60 - on the outside of the ankle, between the ankle and Achilles tendon1
3. LI4 - back of hand, just above the web between thumb and forefinger

Stimulate these points for about 5 minutes each with a circular counterclockwise motion using index finger and/or your knuckle. The points are likely to be tender, this is an idication you have the right spot. Do it whenever you think about it.

I found these diagrams that may be helpful.

An article and list of The "Forbidden Points" of Acupuncture! By John Amaro, LAc, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), FIAMA, DC

Other Suggestions to help disrupt early pregnancy.

  • Vigorous Exercise, like jogging, dancing, jump rope, or anything that pregnant women are told to avoid.
  • Long bumpy car rides, train rides, roller coaster rides. Tight jeans. Certain yoga positions.
  • Intense heat is contradicted in early pregnancy: Hot Baths. including jacuzzi, hot tubs. Sauna or sweat lodges.
  • Meditation and Visulization. Inga Muscio put it nicely - "If you want to successfully induce miscarriage, plan on devoting Your Entire Life to the attainment of this goal. Breathe, eat, shit, and sleep thinking of nothing else but the lining of your uterus shedding." Take time out of your normal life to focus on your goal.
  • Invite outside support: Supportive friends are helpful, the more energy and support you have around you to help you accomplish your goal the better.
  • Uterine Massage: If you know someone who knows just how not to massage pregnant women, all the better. If not... gentle downward pressure just above the pelvic bone. Remember your uterus is about the size of a walnut when not pregnant, in pregnancy it begins to enlarge slighly. You don't want to hurt yourself, but you can send the message that now is not a good time to be pregnant.
  • Orgasms! Lots of them. There is no better way to stimulate your uterus than through orgasm. It brings blood to the pelvic area, and gets things moving. If you have a partner who can help that's fine, or do it yourself. Also nipple stimulation is known to release oxytocin which is a hormone that stimulates uterine contractions. Have your partner suck on your nipples, or if you can reach, more power to you! Having sex is also acceptable and will also help to stimulate the uterus, just make sure you reach orgasm.
  • Communicate with the spirit. Ask the spirit to find someone else who is ready and wanting a child.
  • Enlist the help of an experienced acupunturist to help you stimulate the forbidden points. Having professional help during this time certainly can't hurt.


    1 Sandifer, J. (1997). Acupressure: for health, vitality & first aid. Rockport, MA: Element.

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