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Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy also called a tubal pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg get stuck in the fallopian tube, and cannot or does not make its way down into the uterus as it should. The word Ectopic means out of place. The egg can lodge itself anywhere in the abdominal cavity but most often it gets stuck in one of the fallopian tubes.

As the egg continues to grow it puts pressure on the very small fallopian tube, it does not take long for the egg to out grow the fallopian tube. This is a life threatening situation. If the fallopian tube breaks (ruptures) death can be as little as 15 minutes away.

Symptoms include severe pain in the abdominal region, irregular bleeding, accompanied with early signs of pregnancy, (breast tenderness, nausea, etc.) feelings of dizziness and weakness. Symptoms like these are not part of an herbal abortion, so don't try to tough it out.

Sharp pain, especially on one side is a serious warning sign. Listen to your body. This is not normal, do not ignore it. A simple trip to planned parenthood, any clinic, doctor, or hospital works. You don't have to tell them you've been taking herbs unless the situation merits them knowing. Just tell them you are pregnant and are having a lot of pain, you can tell them you think you have an ectopic pregnancy, and they can determine whether or not you do. Its better to be safe than sorry, so rule it out.

Please Note: The only way to remove an ectopic pregnancy is surgically or by medication that only a doctor can prescribe. Herbal remedies WILL NOT WORK!!! Severe pain is not part of the herbs doing their thing.

Methotrexate is commonly used for ectopic pregnancies that have not progressed beyond the 6th week of pregnancy, or when the embryo is 3.5 cm or smaller. It works by stopping the growth of rapidly dividing cells, such as embryonic, fetal and early placental cells.1 It is most effective as an injection. Methotrexate is also known as a cancer drug.

There is a somewhat well publicized story of a young woman who opted to end her pregnancy at home with the use of herbs. What she did not know is that she had an ectopic pregnancy. She was wary of the medical establishment and did not seek medical attention, even when her body was sending her strong messages that something was not right, she thought the herbs were just doing their job. She did not seek medical attention.

It is a valuable reminder that using these methods need caution and respect. Of how important it is to pay attention to warning signs, severe pain is not part of a herbal termination. She died because her tube ruptured, she ignored warning signs, and friends did not call in outside help when her condition took a serious turn for the worse, but by then it may have been too late anyway. You can read the article yourself at Lifestyle on Trial, its very disturbing to read, but its worth it.

Planned Parenthood states "Ectopic pregnancy is the leading cause of pregnancy-related death during the first trimester in this country." Read their article for more information.

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