The layout of these pages is more interactive than the rest of the website, on these pages you are given questions which you respond to by clicking on the appropreate link. Then you are transported to information which most closely suits your needs.

So needless to say it is important for these pages to function properly. While testing them to make sure they did work right,
- I found that they work best with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0, I was unable to test older versions.
- The pages also worked correctly with Netscape 6.0.
- When testing Netscape Navagator, I ran into some problems. For the links that take you off the origional page, instead of bringing you to the appropreate section on that page, you get dropped of at the very bottom of the page. To remedy this situation, and get to the right place, in the location bar where you see the web address near the top of your web browser, highlight it and press enter. This should get you to the place you need to be. Unfortunately I was unable to figure out why it does this, it is an inconvience.

Out of the three browsers I tested, Internet Explorer worked the best. For this section of the website, if you have IE, I would recommend using it for best preformance. If you don't have, it then I'm sorry for the inconvinience and any hassle (you can download it for free). There's doesn't seem to be a way to get around the issue with Netscape navagator at the moment, and there may be problems with older versons of netscape as well, I just tested what I happen to have on my computer.

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