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Hello and Welcome to my on-line book store. Here you will find selections from my own personal library. Books that have played a major role in my path to enlightenment as far as matters of fertility are concerned!!

I sincerely hope that you have found useful information here to assist you as we weave our way through the dance of fertility, in an effort to control if and when we will conceive.

When I discovered, i found they carried many of the books that seemed to be difficult to find in other places. Sinse then, they've stopped carrying some of those books, but sometimes people have them for sale, or if not, I have information in the origional bookstore section on where to get them, if they're still available.

Sinse the time I first built my store, Amazon has come up with alternative ways to build stores, I took the time to experiment with what they had to offer. I'm still partial to my old set up, it feels much more like home. However, the new way they have of doing things is easy to use, and very fast to add books to, so it has its way and advantages inspite of limitations.

You'll find that alot of the links to books on my website, either direct you directly to Amazon's website, or to my origional bookstore. While the main link button below brings you to the new store set up (they call that aStore). As I explore what options they offer, i may made additional alterations of the store in the weeks and months to come.

As you may or may not know, Amazon gives its associates (that's what i am) a kickback everytime someone we direct to them through our websites makes a purchase. So anything you buy from the links you find here on my website, or through the search boxes I have set up here on this page, I would get credit for and would give me a percentage as a reward for directing you to them, and you decided to buy something, perhaps a book I recommended. The idea is to generate buisness for them, and gives you an opportunity to support your favorite websites and get an item you would like to own.

When my website started out, it was a free site hosted by geocities. Later yahoo took over geocities, and as my website grew in popularity, it began to exceed its data transfer limits. When this happened, my visitors would get messages that my website had exceed its data transfer limit and was currently shut down for an unspecified amount of time. This was very distressing to many who came seeing information.

So I had no other choice but to pay yahoo their monthly fee so that i could avoid random and period shut downs of my website. So I appreciate that Amazon gives me the opportunity to make a little money back to help offset those expenses, at the same time I get to recommend usefull and educational materials to my website visitors. I greatly appreciate all of your support, Thanks so much!!

For those of you who have visited my website before, you will notice i've been working on the bookstore section, experimenting with the things that amazon has to offer. I'm still experimenting with things, so there may be other changes to come as well. I did however restore the link to the origional bookstore here on this page, I found i missed it, and maybe some of you will as well. Both are linked below.

Thanks for your support!

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