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Hello! Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you are finding the information that you are seeking, and perhaps learned something new. If you need to reach me, or if you would like to support my endeavors, please read below to find out how to do so.

Email: I can be reached via email at: sister_zeus @ At this time, I don't have a huge amount of time to attend to emails, but I do read all of my emails in more or less a timely fashion. See below for consultation options.

Questions on Sharing our Wisdom: I am still collecting data, and invite those who feel drawn to do so to share. I'll add more stories as time permits and will continue to add to my database and post updated results on the website.

Updates:If you'd like to keep posted on what I'm up to, I set up a twitter account and started a blog. Feel free to check them out and follow if you'd like. Follow Sister_Zeus on Twitter

Website Issues: If you are having difficulties with any pages, or would like to report broken links or missing images, please include the exact http://www.... address. And send a note to: Web maintenance

Your Support is Appreciated: Educating women about our bodies has been my passion for many years, during this time I had the good fortune of having a dependable income and this was a personal passion. Now, my life is changing, and it is my goal to make working with women not only my passion and joy but also my way of living. Currently, I am attending school working towards getting certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner. My goal is to continue teaching fertility awareness to as many as I can, and assisting women in their time of need.

If you would like to support and encourage my endeavors, if you would like to contribute toward the website expenses and/or personal goals, please consider making a donation through PayPal. I am also a member of a couple affiliate programs, where you purchase Books & Other Products from, or Mountain Rose Herbs by following links provided on my website, I then get a percentage from each sale generated. You can look at my online bookstore If you'd like to do some shopping, many of these books are in my own personal library, and they'll be a great addition to yours. You may browse the Book Shelves here. Thanks for your support, I do appreciate it.

Something I got involved with about two years ago, I'm very excited about. It's also away that you can support my website, care for the planet and help yourself at the same time. It's win-win for everyone, the planet included. I got involved with a 50 year old company that is making a difference in people's lives around the world. The first company to be certified climate neutral, making green cleaners when green was just a color. Being in the healthcare field, not only have I had the opportunity to use their nutritional supplements for myself but clients as well and witnessed profound changes in their health. Using high quality food based supplements really does make a difference. You can see the changes in people's blood chemistry when using Shaklee supplements, it's amazing but what's best of all, is that they feel better. I feel better. I love their cleaning products and having cleaning products that are not going to poison me or harm the environment is something that is important to me. And, they're really concentrated so they last forever. It's great.

Shaklee has a lot to offer, they have fabulous products in a variety of categories (nutritional, home, beauty, anti-aging, and weight loss) but perhaps their best product is not even in the catalog. That would be their business plan. The companies CEO, Roger has grand vision and wants to change millions of lives for the better. His goal is to be the first company to win the Nobel Peace Prize - that is big... no ordinary company could do this. He has vision, passion and I think his chances are excellent at succeeding.

That said, anyone can start their own Shaklee business, no experience is necessary. Shaklee provides great resources and incentives to develop your business, including the opportunity to earn up to 100k in the first 15 months for highly motivated individuals. Plus, you become part of what is known as the Shaklee family, it's a great community of people. As far as the business aspect, Shaklee offers huge opportunity for anyone who is willing to put the energy into it, it's really not that hard. I'm a lousy sales person but I'm a good teacher and I can educate people about how these products and the business can make a real difference in their lives. For most people even an extra $200-300 per month would make a huge difference, what about $1000/month or more? What kind of difference would that make for your life? Or even just getting your supplements or household products for free? So if being involved in something like this appeals to you, I can tell you it's the best opportunity I've ever come across. I'd be happy to talk with anyone further about the products or business opportunity. Ether way, it's another way in which you can support my endevors.

You can visit my Shaklee website for more information and you'll also see links to products here and there on the website, in the cervical dysplasia section in particular. If you are interested in products, a $20 lifetime membership gives you a 15% discount on products, and if you are interested in the business opportunity a Gold Ambassador is the place to start which opens up all 5 ways to earn money. Even if you are only interested in products, getting a Gold Ambassador membership is still an excellent value, you get product, Shaklee will plant 5 trees in your honor to offset shipping your products to you, you get a free product coupon, 3 months of free website (just like the one I have that you can modify) - anyway, lots of good reasons. Contact me if you have questions, put Shaklee in the subject line to help get my attention. I get lots of email, but I try to scan things regularly.

Private Consultations for reproductive and other health concerns: If you have more than a quick question, need additional information, further assistance, or just want a little hand holding as you venture through the maze of life's reproductive issues, concerns and crises. I'm happy to do what I can to assist you. I also assist women/couples in coming up with methods of contraception that they feel more comfortable with, as you know - one size does not fit all. This is often the approach doctors and clinics use when offering contraceptive options.

I offer a wide variety of services, please contact me for additional information and rates.

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