My experience with Naturopathic Treatment of Cervical Dysplasia
Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia III (severe)
High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions
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I went for my pap in June of 2000, it had been several years since my last one, which had also come back abnormal, that's when I had discovered my partner knowingly exposed me to HPV and didn't warn me that he was a carrier of the virus.

The results of that June pap were not good. We used a Thin Prep test, and the result was CIN III/HSIL. They recommended I go for a Colposcopy and Biopsy. At that point I started doing my own research. I knew I didn't want Leep or Cryotherapy. I've been familiar with herbs and alternative therapies for a long time. So when I discovered Naturopathic Doctors had come up with a successful treatment for cervical dysplasia, I wanted to know more.

My first really good resource for information on alternative treatment for dysplasia was the Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. I put together a webinar for women who have had an abnormal pap smear or who have been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and/or HPV. This presentation will answer a lot of the questions you may have and ends with a discussion on natural solutions. Women Newly Diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia. I also did a report on Cervical Cancer, if you want to know more about this please read my report, I've also included some information about the HPV vaccine which I highly suggest reading before getting the vaccine or choosing to vaccinate your daughter(s) against cervical cancer.

I enlisted the help of health practitioner so that I would be able to get the support and guidance I needed, along with the high potency supplements and supplies I would need to be successful.

I worked with Nancy for the duration of my treatment. The cost of my treatment was approximately $700 for the entire treatment, spread out over about 5 weeks, which includes supplements. As best I can tell, total medical expenses from the colposcopy, biopsies, pregnancy test, and the lab expenses for analyzing the biopsies would of cost me about $1000 if I had not been able to get discounted rates and had some insurance coverage. If I had the cryotherapy it would of added another chunk to the bill, no idea how much that would of been.

For my treatment, here are the expenses broken down:

$175 - Initial visit/consultation
$ 87 - Initial supplements
$350 - 10 Escharotic Treatments at $35 each, occurring twice a week for 5 weeks.
$ 40 - additional supplements and suppositories for inflammation post pap April 2001
$ 43 - additional supplements 6 months later. Sept 2001
$695 - for naturopathic treatment and supplements up to 1 year following initial treatment.

Treatment plan:
We followed Tori's book for the most part, pages 63 and 65. Nancy made the following recommendations:
- more leafy greens - cooked and raw - kale, collards, swiss chard, salad greens - important for folic acid and other B vitamins and liver function.
- protein: soy, beans, grains, fish, turkey, chicken, nuts, seeds, eggs.

Protocols: page 63 & 65 in Tori's book.
- Folic Acid - 2 drops/day (she had given me a concentrated liquid)
- Vitamin C - 3 grams/day minimum
- Beta Carotene - 10 drops/day (concentrated liquid)
- Additional Selenium - 200 to 400mg/day (she had a high mg capsule she gave me, most selenium supplements only have small amounts like 50mg per capsule).
- Herbal Tincture - tsp. 3x/day (awful tasting stuff - that was the hardest part to take)

There were also vaginal suppositories that I used over the course of the treatment. During this time I had sex infrequently, if at all, I don't remember at the moment, Nancy suggested against it, and I tend to think I complied as much as possible.

I began Naturopathic treatment August 10th 2000, and it continued until October 10th 2000. I went for my follow up pap in March of 2001. The results of that one showed some inflammation and some white blood cells present, but other than that, things were normal. Nancy gave me some suppositories for the inflammation.

I went back for another pap in November of 2001. At this time I asked them if they can test to see what kind of HPV is present, however they told me their lab was unable to test that. The results of this pap showed ASCUS (atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance, cannot rule out low grade dysplasia, recommending a follow up pap in March of 2002 and suggestions I consider another colposcopy.

I did not return for my follow up pap, instead I worried about it and ignored it for about 5 years. I returned for another pap in Feb of 2007. This time my clinic was able to test for HPV, which I requested they do. They did a thin prep pap which is the better of the two available. My results came back normal, and the HPV test negative. Which is a big relief, but I was curious to know what strains of HPV I had since it has been with me for a while.

And it is nice to know that natural method do work, even cases where severe dysplasia is present. When natural and less invasive methods are available and do work, it makes me angry that doctors send women for Leeps and other invasive procedures when its totally not necessary. I understand why they do it though. I'm sure they charge more than $1000 for Leep or Cryotherapy, look at all the money they'd miss out on. The colposcopy, biopsies and their analysis cost about that.

I think it is totally awesome that they are able to test for the different strains of HPV now, this is a great tool for women who want to be more proactive in taking care of our health. If we don't have one of the worst strains, like 16 or 18 which can become cancerous in as little as 18 months, in something like that... Yea maybe a Leep is a good idea, but otherwise, no. I'm sorry, that kind of invasive treatment I just don't agree with. Ok, so yea, I had to go to a naturopathic doctor for 5 weeks twice a week and spread my legs for her so I could get my cervix dusted with one herbal powder, then washed and rinsed with another herbal concoction. So yea... It is a little more inconvenient and time consuming, and it cost me $35 each visit for the privilege. But you know what? My cervix is intact, and that is important to me.

Maybe for some women, having the doctor take care of the problem for them is best for them. However, if that is a choice that they make when they know all the options, including the alternatives then fine, its her choice. The problem is, a doctor won't tell you about this option.

When I did my colpo and biopsies, I told the Dr's up front (and the nurse) that I was going to treat it naturopatically. The nurse was most interested, I brought Tori's book with me, and I knew that they were going to take pictures of the colpo, so I asked for a copy. I knew I was going to post my experience online, my regular website was going full steam and I knew this was something important that needed to be shared.

I was able to pull together most of my medical papers that I had over the years, I couldn't find all the receipts but I have the naturopath's notes and know I did ten treatments, which by the way, I could of done myself, and saved those 10 office visits. I decided however to go to the office, because it was important to wash all of the powder off my cervix and not get it all over the place, like on the walls of my vagina. I decided I'd rather let my ND do it, and I was at a time when I could afford the $70 per week for the two office visits. So it was worth the peace of mind.

Colposcopy & Biopsy Results

I also wanted to share my colposcopy report and photos, as well as the lab results of the biopsies. I went through the pain and suffering to get them, and its an important piece in proving that natural remedies can and do work for severe dysplasia.

Notes from the colposcopy record:

Abnormal things they noted from the colpo were:

  • Acetowhite epithelium (1 o'clock) - refers to the whitened appearance of an area under the colposcope after the application of acetic acid. It represents epithelium with increased nuclear density. White epithelium is sometimes associated with intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and should be biopsied.
  • Punctation (4 & 8 o'clock) - It is a zone of red dots representing stromal papillae and blood vessel loops reaching to the surface epithelium. When this pattern is identified through the colposcope, biopsy is indicated since this pattern may reflect blood vessel changes of neoplasia.
  • Abnormal blood vessels (4 & 8 o'clock)

    Glossary of Terms Used in Colposcopy

    Colposcopy Photos
    cervix in normal light
    Under normal light
    Happy unmolested cervix
    cervix under blue light to show abnormal blood vessle growth
    Under blue light to show
    abnormal blood vessels
    cervix with vinegar solution
    Cervix with vinegar solution
    cervix with iodine solution
    Cervix with iodine solution

    They took 4 pictures
    #1 under normal light
    #2 under blue light - to show abnormal blood vessels
    #3 Acetic Acid Staining (vinegar solution)
    #4 Lugol's Staining (iodine solution)

    I was fertile at the time they took the biopsy samples, and my abundant slippery cervical fluids made it more difficult for the doctor in training (interns?) To get her sample. Once the male doctor had to step in and "show her how its done" OW!!! And let me tell you I felt that. Needless to say I didn't like that male doctor. The young lady was ok though.

    They took 4 biopsy samples. At 8, 4, 11 and 1 o'clock.

    Surgical Pathology Report 7/28/2000

    Specimen A: Uterus, cervix at 1 o'clock, biopsy
    1. Mild to moderate squamous dysplasia (CIN I-II)
    2. Negative for malignancy.

    Specimen B: uterus, cervix at 8 o'clock, biopsy
    1. Moderate squamous dysplasia (CIN II)
    2. Negative for malignancy.

    Specimen C: Uterus, cervix at 4 o'clock, biopsy
    1. Moderate to severe squamous dysplasia (CIN II-III)
    2. Negative for malignancy.

    Specimen D: Uterus, cervix at 11 o'clock, biopsy
    1. Moderate squamous dysplasia (CIN II)
    2. Negative for malignancy.

    Specimen E: Endocervical curettings
    1. Squamous dysplasia present; small fragment difficult to grade
    2. Negative for malignancy.


    If I ever get another bad pap, I would definitely go this route again, using naturopathic medicine to treat this problem. I might consider doing another colposcopy, however I'm not going to let them take biopsies again, it hurts and when you can see the abnormal areas as shown in the photos, I feel comfortable with going to my naturopath with those in hand and telling her where the problem areas are, and let her do her thing. I feel like I can spare my cervix and body the ordeal of having pieces of my cervix removed.

    The only thing that I notice different about my cervix after all of the stuff it has been through, is that the nabothian cysts that were present on my cervix but not very noticeable were more noticeable following the biopsies and naturopathic treatment. Including one that has grown fairly large, I have not looked recently to see if it has altered over the years but whenever I feel my cervix it is still there. Consensus says they're harmless, but one day I'd like to see if I can get them to go away.

    If you are dealing with cervical dysplasia or abnormal pap smears, and would like to talk with other women who are going through the same things, please join my email support group. .

    Additional Resources
    If you need help understanding your
    Pap Smear Results visit this link.
    For information about Cervical Cancer.
    For information about Cervical Dysplasia - especially useful for those newly diagnosed

    Private Consultations
    If you would like to work with someone to help guide you through this, I offer private consultations over the phone or Skype. If you are interested, please contact me and we can explore working together. sister_zeus (at) Yahoo (dot) com

    1. University of Maryland Medicl Center. Complenentary Medicine. Cervical Dysplasia. (accessed 12/31/09)

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