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Your Support is Appreciated.

Some time ago, due to heavy traffic on my website, my free site would exceed its allowed bandwith resulting in the site being shut down periodically, without warning. To remedy this problem I was forced to pay for my webspace so that visitors would always have access to my website no matter how heavy traffic to the site was. As you know, this is a free information website, there are no fees for usage of my site in any way. I plan on keeping this website in place for a long long time. Any financial assistance individuals can offer is appreciated. For quite a while books purchased via links on my website were generating enough income to cover the monthly fees (just under $12/month) however, with the current economy the way it is, proceeds are currently not covering website expenses.

In the past some of you have asked how you can show your support and appreciation for the work I do here, so here's a couple of different ways that you can help out.

  • Buying Books through Amazon - using the links provided on my website, I receive a percentage when you purchase books through my links, or search boxes.

  • Buying herbal Products by following the Mountain Rose Links, I receive a 15% commission on purchases made.
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  • Direct financial Support - PayPal or Honor System makes it easy and safe, and they do take a small percentage. Please follow this link to make a donation.

    Your support is appreciated, I hope you found my website useful and educational. Thanks for your consideration.

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