Where to find Herbs in your Area and On-line

Many of you have asked where you can purchase these herbs. So here is a few. Some of them have websites. These herb companies all carry all or most of the herbs listed here on the site.

Whenever buying herbal products look for organically grown products, as these are not taken from the wild. It is very important to protect our wild native populations of plants. If you can't find the herb you want organically grown or commercially grown then look for wild crafted herbs, this means that they were harvested according to certain guidelines with the goal being to protect the native populations, but they are taken from the wild, thus still reducing the number of plants left in the wild. Visit United Plant Savers to find out how you can help preserve and protect native plant populations.

What kinds of herbal products are available. Types of products generally used for herbal abortion are tinctures, capsules and medicinal infusions & decoctions.

To Find Herbs in Your Area

Check your phone book under herbs or under health food stores, co-ops often carry herbal products. So do vitamin shops. GNC will also work if you can't find anything else.

Finding Herbs On-line

If you need herbs fast, Mountain Rose Herbs has an excellent selection of herbs, including many hard to find ones. Their quality is superb as is their service, they ship their orders within 24 hours, and if you need the herbs right away, with next day shipping you can have your herbs within two days. I've joined their associate program, so anything you buy from them, after you've followed a link from my website, they'll give me a percentage from anything you buy during that visit.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony company. Since 1987

Sources for Queen Anne's Lace seeds.

Here are a couple of sources to purchase organic or wild-crafted queen anne's lace seeds.

Penny's Herb Co.
97 East 7th St.
New York, NY
Contact: Kim
Closed on Mondays. Will ship world wide.
People have sent me notes saying they got good service from these guys. give them a try.

Companion Plants
7247 North Coolville Ridge Rd
Athens Ohio 45701

Healing Spirits
9198 St. Rt 415
Avoca, NY 14809

The Wild Pantry
Telico Plains, TN
Contact:Marie Morris
Phone numbers: 423-261-2039 or 912-225-1424

Sources for general herbal use, and abortifacient herbs.

Wild Weeds These guys are really great, I've purchased many herbs from them, and they have a great selection of abortifacient herbs, I've always been very happy with their service, and its great to see them join us online.

Mountain Rose Herbs Mountain Rose Herbs Many of their plants are organically grown, particularly some of the more endangered ones. They will ship your order within 24 hours. They have high quality organically grown or ethically wild-crafted herbs, and an amazing selection. Searching their catalog I noticed they didn't seem to carry queen anne's lace seeds or cotton root, they seem to have everything else.

Leaves & Roots This herb shop in Orlando FL has a secure online order form, they sell several abortifacient herbs, including cotton root bark.

In Harmony Herbs & Spices

Sage Woman Herbs

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